Stephen Fry

3805 days ago

More than 4,000 twitter followers

I guess I still have a long way to go before I catch up with Stephen Fry or vain businessmen who buy in stacks of twitter followers. But I inched passed 4,000 followers this week. I reckon that all twitter statistics are bogus.

I am sure that many of those who are follow me do not read a single tweet I send. A stack are bound to be bots or spammers. But it does seem that quite a few people are following me as I tweet the odd interesting thing. I gather I am the 1,533,109th most followed person on this planet!

Anyway 4,000 passed this week @tomwinnifrith ( with a followed/follower ratio of 5.98 which I gather is good)  and meanwhile I see that @shareprophets which follows no-one at all is now up at almost 1200 after just eight months. That is almost more impressive.


4175 days ago

The BBC on strike – how it changed my Day

Austerity is for other people. Overpaid workers on generous pension schemes with long holidays and absenteeism rates you would never see in the private sector working in an inefficient way do not think that they have to suffer with the rest of us. Yup, staff at paedo central, the biased BBC are on strike today protesting about redundancies. This is an organisation that can often send three different news teams (radio, national TV and regional TV) to cover the same event but the bleating journalists say that paring back the payroll will compromise quality. Yeah …right.

So how has it affected your life today? For me:

1. Had I felt a craving for biased news coverage explaining all about wicked Tory cuts I would have been forced to go and buy a copy of the BBC’s sister publication the Guardian. Somehow I felt no such craving.

2. Had I tuned in I would have had to suffer even more repeats than normal. Again I resisted the urge.

3. Stephen Fry still appeared on about 90% of the programming it is just that some of those shows were repeats. The witty asides about 50 shades of lubricating jelly were probably no funnier the second time around.

4. Had I wanted my daily seven fixes of Polly Toynbee appearing on various BBC shows on various channels explaining how the Tories were so beastly to her comrades in the working classes I would have been disappointed as she showed solidarity by staying away from the BBC today. Since no other channel will give the old haridan airtime we have had a Toynbee free day on the small screen. I cannot say that I or the small screen was any the poorer for that.

On balance, why doesn’t the BBC just make all its staff redundant, save the taxpayer £4 billion a year and life can go on like this forever?