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2033 days ago

Most businessmen want to say in the EU - the poll that shows that is another Brexit lie from Project Fear

Dodgy Dave and Project Fear keep on lining up fat cat FTSE 100 bosses to oppose Brexit. None of these chaps are entrepreneurs who start businesses with their own capital. They are just grotesquely overpaid managers who prosper whether profits are rocketing or plunging. They are crony capitalists who like the EU as its feast of red tape helps put smaller competitors out of business. But Dodgy Dave and vile harridans such as Amber Rudd time and time and time again tell us that this means that most businessmen oppose Brexit. It will not surprise you greatly that this is a lie.


2043 days ago

Can I divorce the Mrs for reading Marie Claire?

On the train back from London I did my best to sleep. The Mrs, on the other hand, pulled out a copy of Marie Claire which she now insists that she did not buy but had just "found." I glanced over. There was an article on how women could be more successful in their careers.

Point 8 -Smile. Apparently