casual sex

433 days ago

The Britain Bashing Guardian celebrates what we are good at: Loving abortion, supporting Prostitution, Divorce and casual sex

Normally the Guardian does it utmost to talk down Britain. Especially after Brexit, we are just shit at everything. But today it celebrates the fact that we are in the top 4 globally for our supportive attitudes to: abortion, divorce, casual sex, prostitution, LGBT rights and “assisted dying.” We are not quite up their with Canada in terms of killing off the disabled or those who can;‘t hold down a job but we are top 4.


1441 days ago

San Leon Energy and the missing dividends – does Computershare realise it’s not 1974 any more?

Do not get me wrong, I am told that there were some great things about the 1970s: The Sweeney, Starsky & Hutch, pre AIDS casual sex, The Harlem Globetrotters, Star Wars, Abba, the rise of Maggie… the list goes on an on. But while we may yearn for much of that, surely we do not want to go back to a world where we receive payments by cheques sent in the post? That is more George & Mildred than Debbie Harry.  Over at registrars Computershare it seems that time has stood still and they are still watching and laughing at Brian Murphy and Yootha Joyce.

My pension and other loyal shareholders in this company should have received a bumper 6p per share special dividend in San Leon Energy (SLE) on 29 May.