795 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel- harvesting the holly

Last year the holly tree that sits half way up my vegetable patch overlooking the lane down to the Welsh Hovel was awash with red berries. But this year the birds have had almost the entire lot as you can see below. I have mentioned to the two cats that this is yet another massive failure on their part and that this will be brought up in their annual review.


1157 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel: Gosh what an amazing cook serves up Christmas lunch

A triumph for the hard-working chef i.e. me. At the head of the table in a stunning new Indian shirt from his Grandmother sits Joshua. In front of him in order:


1160 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - The Holly has a berry...

I celebrated with you the other day that the Holly Tree here at the Welsh Hovel had, somehow, retained its berries this year. Cats 23, birds nil. And thus a stack of twigs and small branches have been cut down to decorate the house. They look pretty spectacular, just like you might see in a Christmas card but rarely see in real life.


1164 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - my holly tree offers a pleasant surprise

On the lane down to the Welsh Hovel at the edge of what was once known as the jungle and will one day be a soccer pitch sized vegetable garden sits a holly tree. In the autumn it was full of red berries but I was resigned to the birds eating the lot.


1243 days ago

Photo article from the Welsh Hovel - 85 days to Christmas

The countdown to Christmas for Joshua starts on September 16, his Birthday. That means it is exactly 100 days to Christmas and, almost immediately, we start discussing stockings. Who will get presents and who will be left a lump of coal by Santa? Critically, it has already been agreed that Santa likes to be left a glass of Metaxa and so I guess I need to stock up on a bottle of Greek brandy. Shucks.