market forces

2722 days ago

Where Regulators fail market forces will wade in - Beaumont Cornish in focus

Alistair Osborne lashed out at Nomad Roland "Fatty" Cornish in the Times on Saturday listing his long list of AIM failures. A central point made is that Fatty banks huge fees for doing an IPO only to quit before the shit hits the fan or before the fat lady sings. In other words he earns megabucks and then scuttles off to hide in his favourite restaurant whilst others suffer the financial damage. Osborne starts his article on New World Oil & Gas (NEW).


2941 days ago

Tom Winnifrith postcard - make greedy doctors and lawyers share the financial pain of journalists

An article in today's Daily Telegraph looks back to the days ( 35 years ago) when journalists earned more than Doctors and lawyers. That has all changed big time. I explain why and why the greed of the doctors and lawyers has prevailed and how that hurts the rest of us so badly. It can be changed if doctors and lawyers are made to face the same market forces we poor journalists have had to face.


3661 days ago

The Gay Tory Researchers and their Orgies – the ONLY scandal is that the taxpayer is footing the bill

The papers are full of lurid details of the personal activities of the lads and lasses who work at the Conservative Policy Unit. Apparently gay and straight alcohol fuelled orgies are par for the course. I do not care. What folks do behind closed doors is 100% their own business. So what if some Tory researchers and MPs like casual gay sex? Who cares? This is 2014 not 1914. It is not as if what they are doing is even illegal anymore.

Yes I find some of their activities distasteful. It is very brave of them to “come out” and admit that they work for a party that contains Maria Miller, wants to gag the press, supports secret courts and intervention in Syria and pisses away tens of billions on welfare, joke University degree courses, foreign aid, etc., etc. Being one of Cameron’s conservatives is pretty embarrassing but they are consenting adults so, though I find it distasteful they have every right to be 2014 Tories.

But there is a scandal here. And as ever it is the brazen way that the political classes abuse the taxpayer. The CPU is funded


3732 days ago

Man Fighting Nature – Do I really want to drown all East Anglians?

Having objected to the demands that the Money Tree bail out the spongers of the Somerset Levels I am accused of wanting to drown the inhabitants of East Anglia as well. I think that is a bit of an exaggeration, but….

Spending billions of pounds fighting nature seems pointless to me. The UK coastline is always changing. In some places coastal erosion eats away at land. In others silt is deposited and the land grows. That is God’s way, or the way of nature depending on how you look at it.

You can spend a fortune delaying the inevitable but in the end a mega storm and high tide will have its way one day.  The coast will move.  Locating houses on land that is doomed is ultimately not a good idea. Equally building new housing on flood plains is asking for trouble. Yet we continue to do just that and in both cases those living in affected homes demand that the taxpayer do something to stop nature, that the Money Tree be milked again.

Surely it is better simply to accept that nature will win in the end. If


3784 days ago

Domino’s Boss is Right on Immigration, fake Tory Minister Mark Harper talks bollocks

Outgoing Domino’s Pizza boss Lance Batchelor is being attacked from all sides for saying that the UK needs to relax immigration rules so he can find suitable staff. Ex M&S and now Ocado boss Sir Stuart Rose said the same thing. They are spot on and “fake Tory” immigration minister Mark Harper is taking prize bollocks for attacking the pizza fellow.

Batchelor says that Domino’s could hire another 1.000 drivers and pizza toppers tomorrow but native Brits won’t take the jobs and tighter immigration rules mean there are fewer foreigners ( who will take them) around.

Harper, who after Oxford went to work for big 4 accountants KPMG before meeting up with his old Uni pal Call Me Dave and becoming a Southern England MP, disagrees with the analysis of the real life businessmen who have actually run businesses creating thousands of jobs. So who do you believe?

Being a fake Tory Harper says Batchelor should see that “market forces” are telling him that he has to up his pay rates. You will note the use of the word market forces – that is to make you and I think Harper is really a Tory.