money printing

24 days ago

Global warming makes your chocolate bars more expensive says the BBC: #fakenews

The team at Radio 4’s Today programme got an enormous stiffy on this scoop by the BBC’s climate change team. It seems that climate change has caused bad weather in parts of West Africa which has sent cocoa prices surging and so makes your chocolate bars more expensive. It sounds like a great tale except that it is bollocks.


807 days ago

Video: an epic risk moment in history, shares to crash 90%

Asset manager, Egon von Greyerz does not mince his words. There is no fence sitting here. He argues that systemic risks are increasing but the general investor does not appear concerned. No one knows the size of the derivatives markets but it’s likely in the quadrillions. Egon points out that sovereign bonds make no sense for investors since the only way they can be paid back is with more money printing, hence they are extremely poor investments especially when you consider the dismal returns.


1212 days ago

Video: The End Of The Federal Reserve& the dollar as we start the last great gold rush

Author Charles Goyette  does not mince his words. They will print dollars until they destroy the currency and this means you must be ready for the last great gold rush. He argues that there is something different about this bull market – bull markets are generally driven by money printing, but today this is unprecedented and global.