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480 days ago

The left's favourite economist Stephanie Flanders tells porkies about poverty in the UK

I cannot remember which future Labour bigwigs she dated when at Oxford but Stephanie Flanders has always been the economist the left puts on a pedestal. This week, she stated that the poorest fifth of the population are now much poorer (in the UK) than most of the poorest countries in central and Eastern Europe…they would be better off in quite poor countries in the European Union.” Natch this was retweeted thousands and thousands of times. Those evil Tories they are just bastards aren’t they? Well some of them are, but on this matter the data just does not support Ms Flanders’ claim. As we live in a post fact world I suppose that does not really matter but just for the record…


2301 days ago

Channel 4 News on the Drought in Cape Town caused by Climate Change - Fake News!

Channel 4 reporter Lindsey Hilsum could not contain her excitement as she reported on the drought hitting Cape Town. There were a number of factors to blame but Climate Change was repeated many times. Her conclusion was clear, Governments across the world must not wait for climate change to hit them as it had hit the Cape as that would be too late, they must act now. Hmm. Fake news alert! We know Channel 4 prefers pious virtue signalling to hard data analysis but this was extreme.