Personal and undiluted views

26 days ago

Photo Article: 20 litres of Elderflower Champagne decanted - will be drinking a bit after we finish the walk tomorrow

I always keep empty plastic bottles so that I can be fecking green and recycle them for use again. The Mrs thinks she is being green throwing them away so that Wrexham Council can use vaste amounts of fuel recycling them. Today, she might understand the method in my madness.


1982 days ago

There was me in my underpants and the Gauleiters of Bristol's Environmental Services Operatives showed mercy

The Mrs asked me to put the bins out today. According to the complex glossy grid posted to us by cash strapped Bristol City Council, it is a 4 bin day. I am still not sure what the difference is between the green box and the black box but they together with the big black bin and the brown food bin must all go outside by 7 AM and if you are caught putting the wrong stuff in the wrong box you are publicly stoned to death in a multi cultural ceremony to demonstrate Bristol's commitment to diversity as well as saving the planet.