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82 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: forward selling at Versarien & Verditek, lying by Reabold and the countdown to insolvency at [email protected] Capital

I start pondering retirement, then look at Credit Suisse and Gary vs Chris on buying shares right now. Then it is onto Versarien (VRS), Verditek (VDTK), lying by Reabold (RBD) on its takeover bid, Cineworld (CINE), Ben’s Creek (BEN) and that scumbag Adam Wilson and the fraud [email protected] Capital (SYME)


82 days ago

A few thoughts on retirement

Retirement is in the news after today’s budget. With a hat tip to Luke Johnson, this twitter thread should provoke a few thoughts.

651 days ago

Remembering my first day at work as I ponder my last – it was another country

Kept awake by the sort of irritating, minor and temporary but painful condition that a gentlemen does not discuss on the internet, I find myself, as is often the case, considering the idea of my last day at work.


656 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - the Ceiling in my study collapses, a narrow escape

The Mrs had taken the kids to Liverpool for the afternoon and thus I was not, as I would normally be, pushed from working at the breakfast table to work in my study. Thus the cats also stayed in the kitchen. At about 3 PM I heard a loud bang from the study.


728 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Retirement planning, Iconic & Northern Ireland

In today’s podcast, I start with a few thoughts on the finances of retirement, then the G7 tax ruling and what it means for the future of God’s chosen lands of Northern Ireland. And then there is the demise of Iconic (ICON): why I welcome it, what it tells us about investor behaviour and why it is yet another fail for the woke dullards at the FCA.


1901 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Time for UK Oil & Gas to have a Horse Hill rally?

In today's podcast I look at why some folks really don't get it. If I want to stop risking my capital and working ball-breakingly long weeks and retire that is not selfish as one poster suggested when I said why I was planning on doing just that HERE. I look at market falls and why I expect more and at UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) and where the shares go now. What does David Lenigas say & what will happen? Finally House of Fraser is joining retailageddon. If you like bearcasts then remember that at UK Investor on April 21 one of many highlights will be a live bearcast with myself and Paul Scott. Make sure you book a free ticket HERE using the promotional code WINNIFRITH - Oh and Big Dave will also be there on a panel discussion covering Uk onshore oil & gas!


2102 days ago

Hunting - just a shocking reward for failure for ex CEO Dennis Proctor

A hat tip to ShareSoc's Mark Bentley for flagging up the case of Dennis Proctor, the former CEO of oil services group Hunting (HTG), whose "retirement" is a total scandal.


3433 days ago

Happy Birthday to Me – Closer to 50 than 40 as of today

An early birthday present from Carlton Cole and Mark Noble sees West Ham out of the relegation zone but that will not change the fact that I am today 46, closer to 50 than 40. 

I did not expect to be spending this Birthday living in Bristol, married to a Guardian reading Sociology Senior Lecturer or less than 18 months into running a new business. Life is full of surprises.

I have now been working for 25 years and in the old days would now be just 19 years from retirement. For the Mrs – who did a Post Grad - the figures are 16 and 26. So Maybe I shall call it a day at 58 and live off the State (via the Mrs).  I suspect not, work is too much fun. 

My father’s generation expected to retire at 65. My generation? It might be 58 it might be never. The one thing we do know is that it is not an automatic gold watch at 65.

For me a picnic at Chew lake looms followed by a walk with the Mrs and Uncle Chris Booker.. and then back to subbing Zak Mir’s new book. Happy Birthday indeed.