sarah Cox

1230 days ago

Simon Mayo is back on Drive Time – a man to cheer as he takes on the BBC

When the Mrs has been using the car, I find that the radio is tuned to Radio 2. I quickly change it because most of its grossly overpaid presenters, these days, are not very bright and are all achingly woke. Besides which, I make it a point of principle to #BoycotttheBBC as I try to wean my wife away from the State broadcaster.  My station of choice is Greatest Hits Radio, home to names from my youth such as Janice Long and Andy Crane.  And this brings me to Simon Mayo.


1651 days ago

Have I found the dimmest DJ on Radio?

When I was a teenager we used to torment the saintly Phil Adams as he drove us to school playing Radio 2 on the car radio. We teen agers wanted Radio 1 and agreed that we would rather be dead than choose to listen to anything else. I think I was in my late 20s when Radio 1 started to piss me off greatly and by my thirties I was a loyal Radio 2 listener.


1871 days ago

Is Dead Ringers on BBC Radio 4 the worst possible way to spend my license fee?

Whoever is driving the car gets to choose the radio station. Thus, when I was at the wheel, I refused to listen to Radio 2’s utterly gormless Sarah Cox who earns a telephone number salary doing drivetime as part the station’s campaign to show that it does not pay mega salaries only to men. The local radio station in Cannock Chase, I kid you not, was far more interesting.  But as we headed towards Bristol the Mrs switched to Radio 4 for the 6.30 Comedy show…