Thursday May 25, 2017
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Capital One Cup Draw - Wigan at Home (unexciting) but Swindon dream alive

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- Tom Winnifrith

Not a great tie in the 3rd Round of the Capital One Cup. The League Cup to you and me. Wigan at home. It hardly sets the pulse racing. Neither team is going to win the trophy (well it is a long odds bet). Both are far more concerned about avoiding relegation from the Premiership. Wigan are piss poor and surely this will be the season that they go down. But then we say that every season and they always survive. Fingers crossed that this time they are relegated. They add little to the top flight.

The good news is that West Ham can win and so too can my second team, Paulo’s Swindon. A home tie against a mediocre Championship side like Burnley should be winnable for a form side like Swindon (albeit a League One side). In describing his team as being “like Barcelona” as they defeated Stoke 4-3 away (AET) in the second round, I think Di Canio is getting a little carried away but he is not one for understatement. But this is a winnable tie for di Canio’s men. And so the dream of Swindon coming to Upton Park (where Fat Sam can come face to face with the man who should replace him as soon as possible) is perhaps only postponed.

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