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Fascist free speech denying student shitheads at City University - the intolerance of the campus

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 19 November 2016

Life on Britain's campuses is meant to be all about protecting freedoms and as the proud home to one of the UK's finest journalism courses you would have thought that City University in London would stand full square behind a free press.

Oh no. The Student's Union has stated that there is "no place" for the Sun, Daily Mail or Daily Express on its campus and has decreed that such papers be banned henceforth. It is not clear how it will enforce this ban. If folks do wander on campus with a copy of the Daily Mail will it be seized and put on a bonfire with books by Ann Coulter, Mark Steyn or Christopher Booker? All in the name of creating a "safe space" of course.

The Student's Union warns that this totally unenforceable ban could be extended to other media organisations whose views its disagrees with. Go on ensure that City University PCs are blocked from accessing this website as well you fascist shitheads.

The motion banning the titles was titalled "opposing fascism and social divisiveness in the UK media”. It argued that the three papers have published stories that demonise refugees and minorities, have posted Islamophobic stories and “all actively scapegoat the working classes they so proudly claim to represent” and that the papers were all "inherently sexist."

So the paper that brought the killers of Stephen Lawrence to heel ( the Mail) will be banned. A bunch of pampered middle and upper class kids think they know what is best for the "working classes" just like they did on the day after the Brexit vote. And should this silly ban actually work the pampered kids will never again be exposed to views which might challenge any of ther misguided liberal thoughts.

The totalitarianism of the liberal academic thought police moves on another notch.

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