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Photo Article from the Greek Hovel: frigana slashing and a sweaty selfie

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 12 June 2017

Two years ago I would do four or five 45 minute frigana slashing sessions a day at the Greek Hovel. Somehow I forgot how I needed a good break between each one as both myself and my machine cooled down. I also forgot that I built up to that level of work over three months. And so heading up there today I convinced myself that I would do a good two hours before a lettuce salad lunch at the Kourounis taverna. Yeah right.

I was fairly amazed that my machine, which has lain gathering dust for a year worked at all. But I got it started in no time and strode off into the snakefields with the building team trying, not terribly hard, to hide their smiles as I wandered to the far edges of the property. I should be fitter than i was two years ago but I had forgotten just how hard work it is slashing away at the larger bushes and also just how heavy a chopper with a full tank of 2-stroke actually is.

After 25 minutes i was delighted to get a phone call, cut the power and lifted my mobile to my ear. My hand shook like I had some sort of degenerative disease.That was the result of controlling hard vibrations for less than half an hour. Manfully I continued and as you can see below, some big bushes have bitten the dust.

But after three quarters of an hour I was hurting badly. I was also sweating profusely which I hope you can see in the selfie I took. The Olympiakos baseball cap is about the only thing of any use left in the hovel by the previous owner vile Athena. Now enjoying that lettuce salad my right arm which carries the full weight of the chopper is aching. But the day is still young. One more session awaits before I head back to Kalamata and, if the rain holds off, a relaxing swim. This is the life...

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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