Saturday May 26, 2018
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Photo Article: what austerity at the Universities? Exeter splashes out in Oxford

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- Tom Winnifrith

Top administrators at even piss poor universities earn more than the Prime Minister. We are told by the, usually sound Louise Richardson that footballers earn more. Surely Louise understands how much revenue a Rooney generates and market forces and how lame is her excuse. But on such salaries at least that should ensure that as they combat evil Tory austerity the Universities spend what cash they have wisely. Er...

Oxford was this year ranked the top University in the world. At Oxford train station the advert below is splashed on all the hoardings. How much did it cost Exeter University, ranked 130 in the world, to produce and what exactly is the point of getting this message across to academics and students in the City of my birth?


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