The Greek Hovel olive harvest 2019 report – George says it is looking good

Tom Winnifrith Thursday 31 October 2019


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So far five folks have indicated that they are up for assisting with the olive harvest at the Greek Hovel. But before finalising dates I thought it worth checking whether there was any point harvesting after the near washout of last year.

As things stand it looks good, very good according to my man on the ground, George the Architect. Like all folks in Southern Greece George has his own olives, not as a money spinner but as a sort of family heirloom to be tended and cared for until they can be passed on, as an economically useless asset, to his kids. So he knows his olives.

I am still wary. God can still intervene. Fierce winds blew the harvest away last year. Heavy rains might do the same. It is now too cold for flies but I am sure that God may have another trick up his sleeve. But as things stand it looks good. So it is all systems go. Before then, there are matters to attend to atn the Welsh Hovel, planting fruit trees here before the winter really sets in. But in less than a month it is off to Greece with at least some optimism.

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