Welcome to Scarborough, Congratulations you have met the NYLRF: keine Arbeit nicht frei

Tom Winnifrith Friday 18 September 2020


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Those crazy acronyms from Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia are back in vogue. Welcome to Britain 2020. And specifically welcome to Scarborough and the North Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum (NYLRF) – a body comprised of freedom-hating little men and little women from the Ambulance service, Fire Brigade, the NHS and the local councils. The Police are also members but rarely attend as they are too busy taking a knee.

The NYLRF notes with concern that in the Scarbrough district, eight new cases of Covid have been tested after a ramping up in the number of folks being tested.  A fortnight ago, case numbers were just 2. Assuming a mortality rate of 0.028% which is based on that in the only country to have done enough testing to account for asymptomatics, viz Iceland, that will result in no deaths at all.

Even on the running mortality rate in Britain (0.5%), we would expect these eight cases in Scarborough to generate er… deaths at all. Time for the NYLRF to jump into action with a measured and proportionate response which starts with the diktat that folks in the town must don a face nappie when leaving their front door. Yup, as you walk along the street you must mask up to stop the spread. This is bonkers.

The result as the economy takes another hit in Scarborough: as they did not use to say in 1930s Germany, no work, no free.

But I suspect this insanity of a disproportionate and unjustified response will soon be the new norm.  Over in Bolton, there are just 2 folks in Hospital with Covid yet the entire town has been singled out for a new lockdown.

And along the coast from Scarborough, there are also concerns after a whippet was seen coughing outside the kipper factory and tonight the local busybodies of the Whitby And North Kirkbymoorside Emergency Response organisation are set to meet to decide their next response.

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