How should a cash-strapped enterprise spend its last pennies? ref. Verditek

Tom Winnifrith Thursday 22 October 2020


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What would you do if you were running a PLC with almost no cash and which was burning cash? It is a position I have been in and it is not a good place to be. You cut costs perhaps? Or you just do whatever is needed to raise fresh equity whatever the cost involved in doing that… And that brings me back, once again, to Verditek (VDTK), the AIM listed company that should win prizes for telling outright lies about bogus contract wins in the run up to fundraises. It has offended in this respect so many times since its August 2017 listing that on the Upper Volta Stock Exchange or any other market on this planet it would have been chucked off long ago. But this is AIM and the chairman, Lord Willetts, is a Tory Toff so the show just goes on.

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