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We’re in the army now – just what is it for: creating a more inclusive society or killing bad guys to protect the UK?

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 29 April 2021

I guess times have changed since Status Quo sang that rather Un Quo like hit back in 1986.  If the Quo were to rewrite the song for today it would not say

Missiles flying over your head,
If you want to survive get out of bed
You’re in the army now,
Oh-oo-oh you’re in the army now
Shots ring out in the dead of night,
The sergeant calls ‘Stand up and fight!’

Oh no. It would be

Gender quotas go over your head
Dont ask why, some things are better not said
You’re in the army now
Oh-oh-oh your in the army now
Shots at barracks give you a fright
But its only fireworks on gay pride night

Call me old fashioned, but I hope that the Army, Navy and Air Force recruitts the hardest, meanest, strongest bastards so that if they are called on to protect this country they can kill lots of bad guys. As a taxpayer would I want it any other way?

Well apparently not, this pioneering Tory Government has ordered the Ministry of Defence to up the number of women in the armed forces from 11% to er… more than that. Among the initiatives taken are ensuring that serving personnel will no longer have to take their own sanitary pads abroad with them on duty and redesigning body armour so that it is more female friendly.

Whatever. Which is MORE important to the MoD – meeting quotas to make the army an example of how society can be more inclusive or being able to kill more bad guys who threaten the UK, more effectively? On that note after the Quo, a touch of Monty Python with a sketch written by a gay man which one suspects would not be allowed today

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