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Another in-bred malicious snitch here in Holt near Wrexham dobs me in, this time to Natural Resources Wales

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 30 April 2021

Last time some small-minded little imbecile in this village, with time on their hands and a malice, almost certainly generated by generations of in-breeding, decided to meddle in my life it was by reporting me to the Council. I sent Wrexham Council packing as I demonstrated the amazing works we are undertaking here at the Welsh Hovel. So some other inbred local has now reported me to Natural Resources Wales.

A letter has arrived “acting on a report” and, apparently, I am illegally disposing of waste at the Hovel. The pen pusher who sent the letter is having a long weekend but I have replied by email.  I have spent more than ten thousand pounds, legally, removing all sorts of waste from this place. One whole skip was filled with glass.

There was a major asbestos removal operation which continues as we unearth other small pieces of asbestos which had been buried here. There were the 300 tyres dumped here by the previous owner. The scrap iron from rusting and dangerous old barns and stacks of plastic has been taken down. It has all gone. We still have one large barn to remove and will do so once the newly collected asbestos is taken to be legally dumped.

Next week’s work will, at great expense, see the ancient earth and stone wall ( the clawdd) on the road down to the hovel restored to its original glory. Others might have just built a new wall. It would have been cheaper. But I do not operate that way.

I have now importing vast amounts of earth, which contains some rubble but is mainly earth, to create an earth bank which will stop listed buildings (my barns) being damaged by flood waters. This is all utterly legitimate. It makes the place far more attractive – the area it covered was a weed covered dumping ground for all sorts of horrors.  Most of the rubble within my bank is in fact rubble which had been buried here in a random fashion all across the property with a good sprinkling of asbestos piping which has now been removed.

Maybe if Natural Resources Wales wishes me to restore the property to what it was it can arrange to bring the tyres and asbestos back?

What I am doing improves the view of all my neighbours and of anyone looking at this place from across the river in England. It helps preserve listed buildings which, themselves have had vast sums spent on them to renovate them and will have vast sums more spent to make them as beautiful as they once were, to remove illegal works on them undertaken by prior owners.

But no doubt some old bag with six toes on each fur covered foot will take offence at that too. God only knows what such creatures will be like after the next generation of in-breeding.

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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