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150 years of temperature from Rochester New York - spot the global warming hoax

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 20 January 2022

The world is getting hotter, we will all burn to a crisp, this is not a debate it is all settled science say the cultists. Don’t be a denier, listen to the Doom Goblin Greta Thunberg, who skipped nearly all of her High School learning because she is an “expert” who can see carbon emissions. Whatever, here is some more data for you and it looks like another inconvenient truth.

The chart was uploaded by my colleague Darren Atwater who tells me that outside his front door in Ottawa it is minus 16 and the global warming lies thick on the ground. It is unusually cold but that is climate change for you. We must act now! In Tonga a volcano spews out more carbon in a couple of hours than UK gas fired heating has managed in 100 years. But we must screw the poor with energy taxes so they don’t use so much gas here in Airstrip One and so save the planet.

And in Rochester, New York there is a cold snap underway whicjh means that this January, currently the 54th coldest in 150 years will, by the 31st, almost certainly be in the top 10% coldest. But that is a fluke say the cultists, look at the log term trend.

Yes why not, it is below.  So the world is getting warmer right?  Er nope. Look at the 1870s and the 1930s.  What is clear is that temperature goes up and down but over a ten year cycle, apart from when there were a few years of global warming before all the SUVs in the 1870s and 1930s, it tends to osciallate and stay around the long term mean. The narrative of global warming is a falso one, in upstate New York at least. 

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