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Friday Caption Contest on a Saturday: Nick Clegg Special

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 4 May 2013

It is so long since we ran a caption contest that I have forgotten what that caption was or who won. Let’s assume that it was the Evil son for simplicity’s sake. And so this week caption contest features that leader of the party whose candidate in Bridgewater South got zero votes on Thursday. Even the candidate herself could not bring herself to vote Lib Dem. Meanwhile in South Shields Nick Clegg’s party scored the worst by-election result for a major party (do the Lib Dem’s count as one?) since 1948. Across the land Beardy Weirdies with Orange rosettes were thrashed. As such I ask for captions to this picture.

For what it is worth my entry is:

Nick Clegg predicts the number of seats the Lib Dems will win at the next election…best case scenario


 Nick Clegg counts up the number of Lib Dem votes in Bridgewater but is out by ten.

Post your entries in the comments section below – deadline 9 AM Friday.

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