Maria Miller axed but for how long? The political class just do not get it

Tom Winnifrith Thursday 10 April 2014


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And so finally the greedy pig Culture Secretary has quit as a minister. This vile woman is an expenses cheat. Someone who has stolen taxpayer’s cash for vast personal enrichment. In the private sector she would not have been demoted (from minister to MP) but fired. And then prosecuted. And would never worked in her chosen career again. But she is an MP so it is different. The greedy pig Miller will be back.

Who says so? Call Me Dave Cameron says so. He looks forward to welcoming her back to Government. Like David Laws and many others before him the thief gets a temporary demotion and when we poor saps, the plebs, the peasants, the taxpayers who pay for this stinking farce have become a bit less angry, the crim will be allowed back into Government. Cameron has said so explicitly.

I am not sure what makes me most angry. Is it the thievery of Miller? Is it the way that she then pretended this was merely a media witch-hunt against her because of her role in driving through gay marriage legislation and in implementing the Leveson gagging of the press? Just to smear anyone who challenged her thievery as a bigot is just loathsome. But that is what politicians always do when challenged – they smear. Or is it the way that the political classes will now rally round to look after one of their own? You can already hear it: “Ms Miller is the real victim today, she made an honest mistake, she has paid a dreadful penalty, done the honourable thing etc., etc.”

Bollocks. The pig stole my money ( as a taxpayer it is my money) made a million quid and will be back in the cabinet if the Tories win the election next year. She tried to tough it out but (quite rightly) the media hounded her. That is what the media is there for – to act as a check on venal politicians who refuse to do the honourable thing even when 97% of their constituents when polled think they should do so.

At every level I am angry and so are most folks. The political classes don’t care. They won’t listen. Miller will remain an MP and be a minister again – it is not as if the political classes give a flying fuck about right and wrong or what the plebs think. And even more of us will give up on the system.

Piano wire for the lot of them is my solution. Failing that I will vote UKIP in May. They may be an unattractive bunch with some crackpot and unpleasant ideas and an egomaniac as a leader, but a UKIP vote is the clearest two fingers I can send to all three established parties.

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