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Book Your Place at the AIM Cesspit Awards Dinner on June 30th

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 1 June 2014

On Monday 30 June we will be handing out nine trophies in the 2014 AIM Cesspit awards. All those who have made the Aim Casino the crony capitalist den of iniquity that it is will be honoured.

There will be guest speakers present: Evil Knievil and Lucian Miers and everyone should have fun. No lawyers will be allowed to attend so you can say what you want.

The meal offered is a three course (pizza and pasta) offering featuring such delights as the Range Resources (RRL) pizza, a bit fishy and with very little oil.

Tickets for the event, which starts at 6 PM, cost £40 and that includes the three course meal, coffees and ½ litre of very drinkable French wine.  Attendance is restricted by the size of The Real Man restaurant at 91-95 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R 2BX and so book early to ensure you get a seat.

You can book your ticket and select your menu options HERE

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