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My local Tory looked like a gangster but got my vote anyway

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 8 May 2015

In the local elections my Tory candidate was a gent called Perry Hicks. He runs the local gym and with his slicked back hair looked like a gangster from the Kray area. I am sure that he is not a gangster but even if he is, he got my vote anyway.  As you can see below my votes were straight down the line Tory and I see that both Tories lost.

Like Theo, my quite cute Tory candidate for Parliament, Mr Hicks seems to be a great money tree believer. His flyer like Theo’s were all about how Government can spend more money, how Government can create jobs. When exactly did the Tories stop being the party of small Government? Given that he was certain to lose could not Perry have been honest and said “I will work to scrap as many of the hair brained schemes of Bristol’s red trousrered lunatic mayor George Ferguson as possible and so cut the Council tax so that you, the people, can keep more of your own money.”

Or perhaps Mr Hicks actually thinks like a lefty?

In my family the voting split was clear. On my mother’s side of the family (the Bookers) everyone works in the private sector so helps generate wealth and jobs and tax income for the Government. They are givers. They – and I – voted Tory.

 My father, step siblings bar one, siblings and wife work in the public sector. They mix socially with other public sector workers. They have zero concept of the idea of risking your capital to create a business.  They assume all businesses are evil because they make profits and that profits should be taken away via tax to pay for THEIR salaries and pension. They have a sense of entitlement even though they are better off on average than we wicked workers in the private sector. Frankly they do not have a Scooby about economics and all worship the Money Tree. And they all voted for the parties of the left.

Forty years ago some teachers, doctors and other state funded professionals voted Tory. That has all changed – the state funded professionals are overpaid, underworked and 100% on the left.

As the black sheep of that family I look forward to a new Tory Government drastically scaling back the entitlements of the rest of my family so that the harder working members of society who risk more in the private sector and pay for the public sector, get top keep just a bit more in their pockets at the end of the week.


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