The Oak Tree at the Greek Hovel in its final summer – yes I’m going to be a mad axeman

Tom Winnifrith Sunday 10 May 2015


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It is a lovely old tree. It offers shade both for me and also for various members of the wildlife diversity. But it must come down. Its roots are now getting under the floor of the bat room and have already cracked up most of the pavement on the snake patio so giving accursed frigana plants a footing. And so it must come down and I have been thinking how for a while.

I reckon that I should climb onto the roof with my saw and or axe and start at the top removing it branch by branch. I’d rather that falling timber did not crash out the vine trellis but it will be going anyway during the rebuilding works this fall.  For now I just stand and ponder and think about how I do it. But I think that I might try to get onto the roof in the morning to start work.


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