Friday August 18, 2017
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West Ham v Arsenal – the late kickoff

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- Tom Winnifrith

Family time overnight in Shipston on Stour. Everyone very tired and it was an 8.30 bedtime for me. Early to bed early to rise and my mind now starts to turn to the home game vs Arsenal. I am attending along with former babysitter Neil Masuda (the man who broke the Howard Jones three in a bed scandal) and The Goddess who is getting out her passport for her first visit to East London. An odd grouping.

Some will hark back to Bobby Zamora helping West Ham become the first side to defeat the Gooners at the Emirates Stadium and will argue it is an open game. Hmmm. There is talk from old Iain dale of how if we win we go to 14 points and being a third of the way to safety. Hmmm. I see the Metro newspaper (lying on train, I have still yet to actually pick up a copy deliberately) forecasts a draw. Well call me a born pessimist but I go today expecting to lose.

Perhaps Carroll will start the game and that will make a difference? There is no point bringing him on after 50 minutes when we are already 2-0 down. Perhaps with his confidence up Vaz Te will be on fire? As ever I am more concerned about the less than watertight defence although Winston Reid is back from injury and I gather that Linda replaces O’Brien which I am happy with. But I just cannot see West Ham holding out with anything like a clean sheet for 90 minutes.

It is the late kick off. 5.30 in East London. I am sure that the atmosphere will be great. A full house. It will be almost midnight before I get back tonight which is a pain but, even though I expect to be well beaten, I am sure it will be worth it. COYI.


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