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I am warming to Donald Trump as the liberal media hatchet jobs accelerate - ref Newsnight

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 1 March 2016

Is it yet a crime in the UK to say that you are actually warming to Donald Trump? Is there a danger that social services will come round and say that someone with such views is not fit to look after children? I suspect that is the case but heck, I am really starting to warm to the man. And in part that is because of who openly demonises, smears and attacks him.

It just strikes me that anyone who is loathed and lied about so aggressively by: the BBC, The Guardian, the Independent, Channel 4 News, the liberal academic establishment on both sides of the pond, the establishment patrician twits who run the Republican & Democrat parties, the Clintons, the Bushes, the mainstream US press and the Hollywood luvvies is probably a man who talks quite a lot of sense.

There was a classic BBC hatchet job last night on Newsnight as Evan Davis brought on two academics to discuss Trump. The Brit seemed quite bright but emiinently forgettable. The yank was introduced as Donna Much, a lecturer in Black History. As I heard that line I thought "wow we are going to get an impartial take on that one - I bet she really dithers as to who she supports at Election time."

Sure enough Evan asked Donna which American Politician of the past Trump reminded her of. Quick as a flash and without a moment's hesitation she came back - predictably - with George Wallace from 1968. Okay wallace was a Southerner, a Democrat who ran as an Independent, a social conservative on all issues whereas Trump is a Northerner, a Republican, seeking to run as a Republican, a social liberal on many issues but that did not stop Donna who insisted that Wallace and Trump were identikits as they were both "explicit racists".

Hmmmmm so is Trump all about race? According to Donna he has "built his entire campaign" on racist claims about Mexicans. Little Evan Davis did not challenge this assertion as he was too busy moving the debate on as to whether it was fairer to compare Trump to Hitler or to Mussolini. The Brit academic thought the Emperor Nero. And boy how the liberal elite must have chuckled away.

To have outraged the liberal elite and the establishment in this way, Trump is clearly doing something incredibly right and it is not simple racism. Trump is winning GOP primaries among hispanic voters despite the fact that he is meant to be a hispanic hater with no support according to Kylie Morris of C4 and other liberals HERE.

Perhaps it is the simple message that he wants to slash waste within the Beltway and allow folks to keep more of the money they have worked hard to earn that resonates across America. Do not tell the liberal media this, but non-white folks like to work hard and keep as much of their pay cheque as possible too, not all darkies are poor and on welfare. Please don't tell the liberals this secret as it will shatter their world view that all non whites are poor folks, crushed by racism & suffering grinding poverty.

Sure, folks are concerned about immigration into the US. Not just white folks but Americans of all colours and having had this issue ball-parked by all politicians for years they are rather interested in what Mr Trump has to say. Becuase no-one else is saying enough is enough and that is what they think. I happen to disagree but I acceprt that many folks do feel this way and think that for years they have been denied a voice.

And Trump is also different from the herd in that he alone might actually slash the deficit not just by slashing Beltway pork barrel largesse but also by not bombing little brown folks in the Middle East but by pulling out. Yup, don't tell the British liberal press but Trump is the only candidate with a chance of winning who opposed the illegal war in Iraq and who does not want to bomb Syria, Libya or all the other countries on the Clinton hit list. Trump wants the US to be impartial between Israel and the Palestinians, a real honest broker who might just therefore force peace.

Jeepers this is revolutionary. If any other candidate was coming up with this foreign policy material Evan Davis would be creaming himself along with the rest of the British media. But they can't. Its Trump. He is a capitalist. He is rich so must be evil. And he is aa racist and we all hate him so who shall we compare him to now. Hitlert? Nope that was not harsh enough. Satan? Genghis Khan? Take your pick.

As the liberal media froths and rages ever more, I warm to Trump every day. Sure he has said some truly shocking things, notably about Muslims. But only because of all those folks whom I so truly despise and who will lie about anything to stop him winning, I find myself hoping that he does just that, more and more as every day passes.

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