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Labour & SNP voters are fat slobs - its official

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 6 April 2016

If you are prepared to swallow vast amounts of junk food you will probably swallow anything, even the hocus pocus policies of Labour and the SNP. Perhaps it is all those folks mainlining welfare payments as they sit on thair arses which explains the correlation but it is official: Labour and SNP voters are fat slobs as the map below demonstrates with Scottish nationalists being the biggest lardbuckets by a mile.

The top ten areas showing the least obesity are with three exceptions Tory voting

- Richmond upon Thames (lowest obesity rate), Camden, Tower Hamlets, Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, Wandsworth, Lambeth, Windsor and Maidenhead, Kingston upon Thames, Westminster

The fact that three very poor boroughs are in there shows this is not a straight poverty/wealth thing. All ten low obesity areas are in the hard working south of England.

The top ten areas for obesity starting with fat central ( Western Isles) are:

Western Isles, Orkney, Barnsley, Ayrshire, Shetland Islands, Telford and Wrekin, North Lincolnshire, Hartlepool, Lanarkshire, Barking and Dagenham

That would be two Tory areas, one Lib Dem, three Labour and four SNP areas. Five of the most obese areas are in Scotland and all ten are clearly in what we can define as The grim Northern welfare safaris, that is to say anywhere north of Oxford.

And so it is official. In the hard working South we look after ourselves, pay taxes and vote Tory. In the grim North and Scotland they sit around on welfare eating junk food and occasionally waddle down to the polling station to back parties that worship the Money Tree, notably the SNP and Labour.

Sod independence from Europe. Can't the South of England get independence and allow the rest of the Britain to float off into the North Sea to sink under its own weight of human lard?

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