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Do most British students hate Jews and back ISIS? Their vile new leader does

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 22 April 2016

Only total losers get involved in the National Union of Students. Your university days should be about sex, drugs, alcohol and a bit of learning, not the NUS. As such it is always a taxpayer fund irrelevancy lead by utter lunatics who are utterly unrepresentitive of 99% of students. But the election of its new leader, the Jew hating, ISIS condoning Malia Bouattia, sees the NUS plunge to new depths. Truly she is vile.

Ms Bouattia is 28 so why is she still a student? What are the odds on this ghastly woman ever getting a proper job? Among her bon mots are an endorsement of Palestinian 'resistance' against Israel, arguing that 'non-violent protest' is not enough. So she explicitly supports Palestinians killing Jews. Meanwhile she has described her own university, Birmingham, as a "Zionist outpost". Those fecking evil Jews get everywhere don't they Malia? Its all part of the way the fecking Jews control the world is it not Malia?

Back in 2014 as the NUS officer for ethnic-minority students, she led efforts to stop the union officially condemning ISIS warning that speaking out against ISIS would be a 'justification for war and blatant Islamophobia.' That forced the NUS to say that it did not support ISIS but it is clear that thanks to this lunatic it did not condemn it either.

As NUS delegates voted for this appalling Jew hating nutter to lead them forward they also voted against marking Holocaust Memorial Day. Absolutely. Six Million Jews dead but they are only evil fecking Jews arent they Ms Bouattia. Their deaths dont matter, when, like Ms Bouattia and all too many of the NUS leadership, you actively support folks who want to see even more Jews killed, in the one place on earth they might feel safe, and whose only gripe with Hitler was that he didn't finish the job.


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