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GOTCHA!: Global Warming is a Scam – Case Closed ( new Met Office data emerges)

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- Tom Winnifrith

My uncle Chris (Booker) is in India where my cousin Nick lives and so has missed the story of the year – the death of the global warming scam. As one of the bravest and fiercest critics of this costly farce he will be mortified. I am sure that when he arrives back in the UK on Wednesday he will be straight into battle. But data which has emerged from the Met Office ends this debate. Al Gore, Call Me Dave, Chris Huhne, the BBC, the Guardian etc – GOTCHA. It is all over for you now. How about you personally start paying back the gazillions taxpayers have pissed away on your fantasies at once.

The Met Office has always been a key supporter of Global Warming. Just check out this section of its website and you will realise that it sides with the BBC/Gore etc on the debate and not with we sceptics. If it has data which shows the world is warming it releases it with great fanfare – note all the hullaballoo about 2010 data (a very warm year) which was released amid a media blitz.

But there is other data which the Met collected and was snuck out the other day with no media fanfare. I wonder why?

Firstly just to recap the case made by the global warming nutters. It is simple. Man made carbon emissions have caused and will continue to cause a steady increase in the global climate so screwing up planet earth.

We sceptics have always argued that the earth gets warmer and cooler (note the medieval warm period) and does so by itself and did so in eras when there were no meaningful carbon emissions. We pointed out that the UAE emails showed that computer models were “tweaked” to show that the world was bound to get warmer.
And today we are vindicated. The Met office data shows that for the past 16 years the worlds has not in fact got hotter – it has stayed at the same temperature. In the prior 16 years it got hotter. In the preceding 40 years it got colder. Throughout this 72 year period carbon emissions have been steadily increasing. And so that causes, first cooling, then warming, then nothing. Well no it does not cause. There has been no causal link established at all. As David Hume (1711-1776) discusses in depth (I knew studying philosophy would help one day!) events can be conjoined but not connected. Hume was of course writing during one of the earth’s cold periods (nothing to do with carbon emissions).

This data from the Met Office comes from 3,000 data sampling points across the globe. Unlike the UAS computer models this is hard data. It is kosher. And it shows that a) those computer models are just plain wrong and b) that the world simply is not getting warmer. The global warming nutters will insist (they are today) that this is just a plateau before uplift in temperatures but:

a) since their models are now shown to be wrong there is just no evidence for this. It is no more than an assertion. It is as scientifically credible and watertight as my assertion that I am the greatest intellect on this planet. There is no evidence at all for either claim.
b) The world has now seen 70 years of straight line increases in carbon emissions on a scale never seen before. Yet temperatures have clearly not shown a straight line increase or decrease. There is now demonstrably no correlation at all between the two.

So what now? Apologies all round? The Nobel committee taking back Al Gore’s prize in order to preserve its own credibility? Oh, maybe not, a bit late for that after Friday. An immediate end to disastrous energy policies that will cost taxpayers gazillions and cause real power shortages? That is what should happen.

But can an entire political class bring itself to admit that it spent so recklessly on so little evidence and was just plain wrong? I doubt it.


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