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1583 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Stratex rebels are dreaming, 1Spatial & the hookers & a Twitter moron

A three part bearcast. In part one I look at Stratex (STI) where old managers are trying to oust new. l explain why the old boys are dreamers and should be told to foxtrot oscar. Then it is onto 1Spatial (SPA) which is behaving as if it is placing ahoy and I am almost certain that it is placing ahoy. Either way - avoid. Finally I waste time debating with a total fucktard on twitter. Folks like @Aimfatcat deserve poverty.    


1853 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Cloudtag - this is why a 100% wipeout is inevitable (and Mkango you are bastards)

I am not in the best of moods today. But that is not the fault of JK Rowling as her film (see yesterday) was actually not bad. In the firing line a detailed look at Avanti Communications (AVN), a lot of questions about the Worthington (WRN) fraud now in liquidation and questions for the FCA/UKLA about that. I look at Cloudtag (CTAG) another fraud and another zero in waiting, at 1Spatial (SPA) and at the bastards at Mkango (MKA) - and how they legged over punters at the Mining Maven seminar. The bastards.


1910 days ago

1Spatial Interims - disappointing but now more than discounted

Geospatial and cloud services company 1Spatial (SPA) has announced self-admitted "disappointing"results for its half-year to 31stJuly 2016, though that “management believes the group is still on track to meet full year expectations which is an overall increase on the prior year revenues and adjusted EBITDA”.


1969 days ago

1Spatial and that CEO share sale

It was announced on 12 July that 1Spatial (SPA) CEO Marcus Hanke had sold 5 million shares at 4.45p - netting him roughly £220,000. A director share sale never goes down well and the shares have flatlined since - they are now 4.25p-4.75p.


2014 days ago

1Spatial - new contract win: buy

1Spatial (SPA), the global spatial software and solutions company which manages the world's largest spatial data, has announced that it has won its third contract to provide geospatial solutions to a US Federal Government Agency.


2080 days ago

Video: Claire Milverton of 1Spatial at UK Investor Show

Steve Moore and I think shares in 1Spatial (SPA) are cheap as we explained here the other day. Meanwhile here is the company's FD Claire Milverton in action at UK Investor show. Enjoy.


2080 days ago

1Spatial, Results and Confident Statement: Buy

1Spatial (SPA) has announced results for its year ended 31st January 2016 and that it “looks forward to the future with confidence”.


2146 days ago

1Spatial solid trading update - buy

1Spatial (SPA) has updated that “the group has made good progress in the second half of the year” to 31st January 2016, that it “ended the period with a strong order book and pipeline of opportunities for the coming year”and that it has exercised its call option to acquire a further 26% of its US distributor Laser Scan.


2198 days ago

1Spatial deal with HERE - Buy.

1Spatial (SPA) has announced “a strategic partnership with HERE, a leader in navigation, mapping and location experiences to deliver high grade map content to the enterprise market”


2278 days ago

1Spatial contract win, on track: buy

1Spatial (SPA) has announced a “strategic contract win” with its associate Laser Scan Inc to provide geospatial solutions to a US Federal Government Agency.


2404 days ago

1Spatial snaps up Enables IT - its a cute deal

1Spatial (SPA) has announced a recommended £2.08 million all-share offer for fellow AIM-listed Enables IT Group (based on a value of 6.75p per 1Spatial Share. Its a cute deal.


2437 days ago

1Spatial - already 62% up on this share tip but there is more to come

Spatial ‘big-data’ software and services company, 1Spatial (SPA) has announced results for its year ended 31st January 2015 and that, despite a current “crucial development phase”, it “is encouraged by the progress made during the start of the current financial year and looks forward to the future with confidence”. A chat with CEO Marcus Hanke left us confident that this is more than words. This has been a good share tip from us on our Nifty Fifty website but there is more to come. 


2459 days ago

Video: UK Investor Show Tech session with Paul Kavanagh, Lorne Daniel, Jason Drummond, John Wisbey, Marcus Hanke, Stephen Streater

The main stage tech session at UK Investor Show 2015 was hosted by my old pal Paul Kavanagh. On the panel were Jason Drummond (Teathers Financial), Marcus Hanke (1Spatial), John Wisbey (Lombard Risk), Stephen Streater (Forbidden Technology) and Lorne Daniel, a star analyst from FinnCap. The video below captures the whole session.


2477 days ago

Steve Berry booted out by Touchstone Gold – a double scalp for the Sheriff: champagne tonight

Ok I am kidding about the champagne. I am having a dry week in the run up to UK Investor. But I am celebrating as I claim a double scalp with news that crony capitalist Steve Berry has now been ousted from his second ( and I think final) AIM vehicle Touchstone Gold (TGL).

It was only a couple of months ago that we were celebrating his departure from 1Spatial but now I can reveal that Touchstone has also seen the light. You may remember 


2531 days ago

1Spatial – Disgraced Chairman Steve Berry fired and more Good news.

1Spatial (SPA) announced last week that its chairman Steve Berry was to leave with immediate effect. Good.  I have exposed this utter  rotter as being up to no good at all at another company on AIM – Touchstone Gold (see HERE).

Berry was not key to the 1Spatial management team but was becoming an embarrassment and so he had to go. Hats off to the executive directors for giving him the order of the boot without compensation. That was the right call.

Directors on AIM have to realise that being a director of a PLC does not require you to have the morals of Momma Theresa but that certain standards are required. Putting out misleading presentations as the crony capitalist Berry has done at Touchstone (TGL) falls beneath that standard.

In the short term that might spoof 


2542 days ago

Do you support ShareProphets Investigative campaigns against AIM Fraud?

Yesterday we learned that the Bulletin Board jihadists had lied to Etihad airlines in order to persuade it not to advertise on this website. It joins Tesco, Waitrose and John Lewis in caving in to the free speech deniers. Speakers at UK Investor Show have also been pressured into pulling out by those who do not support a free press. We will not back down but ask for your support.

Those who seek to put us out of business claim that it is because I use “colourful language” but there are plenty of websites that use far more colourful prose. Only this operation is being targeted. I could pledge to never swear again but that would make no difference. As it happens I make no pledge. I alone choose what and how I write. The reality is that I am under attack and this website as well as the restaurant are under attack not for how I write but because of what I write. For what I expose.

Just today I think we have claimed another scalp as crony capitalist Steve Berry has been forced off the board of the respectable 1Spatial PLC because of what we have revealed about his shocking activities at Touchstone Gold.  That is the 4th scalp of the year to date (Naibu, Pressfit and Beacon Hill). There are more to come.


2542 days ago

1Spatial gets rid of Steve Berry, another scalp for The Sheriff and our resident poet writes

1Spatial (SPA) a well-run firm on the AIM casino has today announced the immediate departure of its chairman, crony capitalist Steve Berry. This follows a series of revelations such as THIS about his activities elsewhere at POS and Touchstone Gold (TGL). While The Sheriff of AIM celebrates another scalp, our resident in house poet, EJ has dashed off an offering: In Memoriam Steve Berry.

So. Farewell
Steve Berry. 

Crony Capitalist


2634 days ago

1Spatial – we are well ahead on the share tip but post interims more to come

Provider of software and services to manage spatial ‘big data’, 1Spatial plc (SPA) has announced results for the six months ended 31st July 2014 and that it “is encouraged by current trading and looks forward to the future with confidence”.

The results show a £1.01 million decrease in net cash to £9.83 million, though this after particularly £0.95 million of exceptional costs and £0.77 million of capitalised product development expenditure more than amortisation. Revenue of £10.14 million was 7% higher on an underlying like-for-like basis, with the company noting “significant global hires made to support and strengthen the group”.


2776 days ago

Buy 1Spatial at a 7p offer

I tipped this stock on my Nifty Fifty website at a 4p offer in November 2012 and so it has been a good share tip. The stock was trading at c9p before a stock overhang saw a recent sell-off but astute fund manager Hargreave Hale seems to have cleared that and I reckon that the shares will now head North at a fair old rate towards 12p.  Here’s why.


2984 days ago

Buy 1Spatial at 8.125p (I am 100% up already on this tip) - target 12p by Christmas

AIM listed 1Spatial (SPA) has announced a contract extension which sees that “approximately $1 million will be payable to 1Spatial and recognisable during the financial year to 31 January 2014, and 31 January 2015”. The shares now trade at 8.125p meaning that Steve Moore and I are 100% up on  this tip on our Nifty Fifty site – there is more to come.


3037 days ago

1Spatial Interims – We are more than 100% ahead: what now?

Steve Moore and myself do not claim to be perfect but we get it right more than we get it wrong and we tipped AIM listed 1Spatial (SPA) at an offer price of 4p ten months ago on our Nifty Fifty premium website. The stock is now 8.5p-8.75p so what next?


3037 days ago

5 days left for early bird discount booking at UK's only serious investor show

The UK’s only serious investor show is UK Investor which takes place on April 5 2014 at London’s top venue: the QE2 Centre in Westminster. But you now have just FIVE days to book your early bird half priced ticket HERE

Three quarters of the 30 top main stage speakers are already lined up including legendary Nigel Wray and Evil Knievil. More than half of the 70 growth companies due to present at the show are already booked in including Leni Gas & Oil, 1Spatial, GLI Finance (have a look at its 5 year chart!), Leyshon Resources, Inspirit, Sound Oil, Nostra Terra Oil & Gas and @UK. More companies sign up every day. 

You can find out more about the companies presenting and the all star speaker line up at www.UKInvestorShow

This is not an investor show for time wasters and so we charge a small fee for entry and also offer a limited number of “gold tickets” giving one to one access to key speakers. You can book your tickets now and there is a 50% discount for those booking tickets before September 30th.

Book today via a secure online platform at

Best wishes



3162 days ago

1Spatial shares to double after transformational deal

AIM listed 1Spatial (SPA) is turning into rather a good share tip in my Nifty Fifty Recovery portfolio. It joined in November at a 4p offer price. The shares are now 7.625p after an £18 million placing at 6p with a blue-chip raft of institutions and news of a very exciting acquisition. This is a game changer.

Let’s start with the placing. It was not done at a huge discount. Indeed the stock was at 6p when the roadshow started. And there are no spivvy discount brokerages on board. Merely spivvy blue chip institutions. So yes they will flip but not at 8p. At 12p they will get tempted.

1Spatial also announced that it has signed up as its new non exec deputy chairman David Richards the founder of AIM poster boy tech play WANDisco (WAND). That is a PR coup.

Now to the deal.



3199 days ago

1Spatial – at near Year Highs – still a buy?

AIM listed Tech stock 1Spatial (SPA) is on a share price roll. Those who followed my advice to buy the stock at 2p on 12th September owe me a tub of salted caramel ice cream as the shares are now at 8.875p valuing the company at a shade under £30 million. So what next?


3362 days ago

1Spatial Confirms Contract Win – biggest in its history

AIM listed tech play 1Spatial (LSE: SPA) has today confirmed that it has won a new contract with Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) to provide it with a Geospatial Management Solution – the company had said that it had preferred bidder status on 17th October. But what is this worth? Rather annoyingly 1Spatial declines to put anything on the release. But I have had a brief chat with CEO Marcus Hanke on the matter.


3366 days ago

1Spatial Interims – Wading Through the Spaghetti the shares are cheap

The month of October ended with AIM listed business technology company 1Spatial (LSE:SPA) releasing its numbers for the six months to 31st July which – as has become the norm here – are mangled by all sorts of one offs. Having urged people to buy the shares at 2p on September 12th, am I still rating the stock as a buy at 3.75p post the numbers? Can you see the wood for the trees?


3381 days ago

1Spatial new contract almost won - share price can double again

AIM listed tech stock 1Spatial (SPA) has been a bit of a star recovery play over the past couple of months and an announcement of a potential new contract win today has lifted the stock ( 2p just a month or so ago) to 4.125p, valuing the business at £14.45 million. But there is far more to go for – my target price remains at least 8p and here is why.


3395 days ago

1Spatial – Mega Contract win – shares have doubled in 3 weeks ( will double again)

Today comes news from AIM listed tech stock 1Spatial (SPA) that it has secured a major new contract win and the shares have raced ahead to 4p on the news. But the gains are not over yet and here is why.


3416 days ago

1Spatial – CEO Chat & Assessment

I met up with Marcus Hanke the CEO of red hot penny share tech stock 1Spatial (SPA) yesterday for a detailed catch up. This company – formerly known as Avisen – has been a tale of woe for investors. Not because it has screwed up operationally but because in share price terms the stock has not performed. I will address both issues in turn but at 2p, valuing the company at £7 million, the shares are a compelling buy.