5 days ago

Have you been screwed by Dragon Sarah Willingham today?

If you have invested in the IPO of her Nightcap (NGHT) company on AIM I suggest that you have been. This company could go bust by the summer and should never have been allowed on the Casino. What on earth have Nomad Allenby and AIM Regulation been smoking?


33 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the 1 AIM share you must Fill Your Boots with NOW, don't wait just buy

In today’s podcast I discuss Joshua’s Advent calendar then look at 2 very naughty Nomads and 2 of their grossly over-valued clients. Roland “Fatty” Cornish looks after European Metal Holdings (EMH). Liam Murray of Cairn looks after the ultimate Penny Dreadful, Catenae (CTEA). Then I return to Sarah Willingham’s NightJar and why she is destroying value for morons who pony up £6 million for the IPO on day 1. This is a scandal and Nomad Allenby should be ashamed. Then onto Purplebricks (PURP) before I look at Summerway (SWC) and why, whatever you pay you MUST buy its shares ASAP


63 days ago

Letter to AIM Regulation: Tern & shamed Nomad & Broker Allenby MUST be investigated after hat-trick of smash and grab raids!

Another day brings yet another bailout placing for AIM listed sub scale investment company TERN (TERN). It will not be the last but AIM Regulation needs to investigate the circumstances of this placing for there is now a clear pattern of deception emerging. I have dropped the Oxymorons a letter today.


159 days ago

BONKERS: Why are Zenith Energy shares not suspended? Bombshell letter confirmed as genuine!

At no-one is watching O’Clock last night, it was announced that Allenby Capital had agreed to act as Financial Adviser and Corporate broker to disgraced Zenith Energy (ZEN). I have confirmed that at the time of agreeing to act, Allenby had not been made aware of the letter we published yesterday appearing to show that the company had lost its only asset on June 4 and not told anyone while it carried on raising money.


336 days ago

Letter to Nomad Allenby & AIM Regulation: Has Advanced Oncotherapy not told us something?

Nigel Somerville is too nice a guy to ask if a company has been a very naughty boy indeed. I am not.  I note his piece earlier on Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) and it seems obvious that, while Nomad Allenby probably does not give a flying feck, the question should be asked. And so I have written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation asking them to investigate


355 days ago

Plutus Powergen: as it hurtles towards insolvency how can Nomad Allenby justify the obvious untruth in the last RNS

The par value of Plutus Powergen (PPG) shares is 0.1p. The shares now trade at 0.08-0.09p making it almost impossible for this £700,000 capitalised worthless piece of crap to get a bailout placing away which begs the question of how Nomad Allenby, how on earth did it verify the last RNS?


431 days ago

Plutus Powergen fesses up to misleading investors – why is this not a hanging offence?

We live in a world where lying and deceiving of others is now deemed acceptable. Whether in politics or business, sport or indeed any aspect of life, the ninth commandment is now seen as something that need not be obeyed. I do not regard this as progress and that brings me to AIM Casino dog Plutus PowerGen (PPG), its colourful directors James Longley and Charles Tatnall who have featured here many times and its pliant Nomad Allenby which will sign off on almost anything.


445 days ago

Tern, Allenby Capital & Whitman Howard: Another request to FCA & AIM Regulation for formal investigation

This morning we discover that AIM listed jam tomorrow purveyor Tern (TERN) has again passed the hat around with a discounted placing raising £1.75 million at 11.15p. But it was only able to get a placing away at that price because of spurious rumours which the company and its advisors must have been aware of and which it did nothing to quosh. I have written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation and to the chocolate teapots at the FCA requesting an urgent investigation into the company, its Nomad Allenby and broker Whitman Howard. It is not as if Tern does not have form in this respect.


554 days ago

St James House (formerly Boxhill Technologies plc) – still a dog as results show, accounts breach IFRS and mislead big time

Lib Dem grandee Lord Timmy Razzall may have changed the name of Boxhill to St James House (SJH) but this company which has been mired in so much corruption and fraud remains an uninvestable uber dog even by the standards of  the AIM casino. Results earlier this week were covered in bearcast yesterday but perhaps merit further scrutiny. They are shocking, breach IFRS on numerous counts and quite simply aim to decieve. Nomad Allenby should be walking.


1007 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Lyin' Steve now you really are taking the piss

In this podcast I look at Fronterra (FRR) where I'm vindicated and my twitter pest of the week - a detergent salesman - is now even more out of pocket. I look at Greka Drilling (GDL) and at UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) where Lyin' Steve is now really taking the piss with his 0.4p options. Finally I wonder how close is Totally (TLY) to needing a bailout placing. With Allenby of Servision (SEV) infamy and the chap who assisted Quindell (QPP) at Cenkos on board it has a broking dream team in place. I take a detailed look. If you like bearcasts then remember that at UK Investor on April 21 - THIS SATURDAY - one of many highlights will be a live bearcast with myself and Paul Scott. Make sure you book a free ticket HERE using the promotional code WINNIFRITH.