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46 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: will ASOS ever again generate cash?

I describe Thursday morning for me and Jaya, including a stop-in with my parents-in-law.  This is relevant, as I discuss what my mother-in-law was watching on TV. I look at the house price bubble, the Bank of England, and interest rates. Then, I touch on THG (THG); ASOS (ASC); Sosandar (SOS); Zephyr Energy (ZPHR) – get your wallet out, Cliff; Wildcat Petroleum (WCAT); Kinovo (KINO); and Boohoo (BOO). I also discuss the notion that MusicMagpie (MMAG) has a list of “spiffing institutional inveestors”, and that this will save the company. It won’t.


182 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Telling a gardener to feck off for being a Good German and a long chat with Steve O'Hara

Yes I was dealing with a covidiot. We just cannot go onlike this. If folks want to be Good Germans they can be but I cannot be arsed with such poltroons.  Then I look at Cineworld (CINE) prompted by this news from Ealing as well as my earlier piece HERE. My only question is whether my target is 0p or 2p.  Then SpaceandPeople (SAL) and words on overdrafts. That also applies to Omega Diagnostics (ODX) which I cover. Then today’s warning from the Bank of England is discussed and its importance and grim implications. Finally my chat with Steve O’Hara, forecasts for Optibotix (OPTI) and where the shares will be in three years.  


631 days ago

Equality Week at Hertford College Oxford – celebrating how the daughter and granddaughter of Lords has made it big

My old college is celebrating “Equalities Week” with a panel of BAME high achievers and a panel of four female graduates who have made it big.  The event is a demonstration of how the woke elites view equality and why they are so out of touch with the grim reality of life for those who really could do with a dose of equality, that is to say the poor.


1744 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - rate rise next week - the data that will shock you and shock Britain

Next week the Bank of England will increase base rates. Almost certainly by not enough but it is a start and a sign of what is to come. I look at new data out this week which shows just how much of a shock even a rise of 0.5% will be to millions of our fellow citizens and what the ramifications of that will be. I look at share sales at Berkeley Group (BKG), I look at CEO pay at ASOS (ASC) and finally have real doubts about the forthcoming IPO of Footasylum which I'd dodge big time.


1855 days ago

Charlotte Hogg: Disgrace does not last long for establishment swine: new Visa job

In late March of this year, Charlotte Hogg was eventually forced to resign as deputy Governor of the Bank of England for a clear breach of conflict of interest guidelines, a breach of rules she knew well as they were drawn up by her. I predicted then that she would be back and it would not take long. You could see the writing was on the wall as the establishment praised her for "doing the honourable thing". Bollocks.


1971 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: Charlotte Hogg "resigned" from Bank of England - Good Riddance

I noted last week, in an article on my personal website, how little Miss Piggy would end up in the House of Lords whatever happened to her at the Bank of England - HERE. Today she "was resigned" for breaking the rules. I reflect on that in a less than charitable view. The thing is that the Aristocracy is like cream: thick but they rise to the top. Like disgraced expenses fiddling pater, Lord Hogg of Moat Cleaning, Charlotte will bounce back. 


1975 days ago

Rules are for little People - Whether shamed Charlotte Hogg quits or not she is a slam dunk for the House of Lords

I noted in a bearcast a while ago that Charlotte Hogg, the - for now - deputy Governor of the Bank of England - was an Oxford contemporary. Two years my junior her first year room was two doors away from my third year room. We did not mix. She was clever but, by a long chalk, not the smartest person of her year but with a grandfather like Lord Hailsham, a daddy in the cabinet and mummy in the House of Lords... well some folks are more equal than others are they not?.


2106 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Sack Mark Carney NOW & the morality of investment

It seems as if the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney wants to quit. I list the numerous reasons why this poltroon should be fired at once. Then there is a discussion of the morality of investment decisions prompted by today's article on Premaitha (NIPT), last week's news from Avocet (AVM) and other issues.


2323 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Easter Day - Sorry Daily Mail Readers property is a bubble that will burst

There is only one thing that Daily Mail readers love more than articles about how illegal immigrants can give you cancer and that is articles on how prices are going up. But today there is an article which warns that the Bank of England is set to try and stop Buy to Let becoming a bubble. It's too late! It is not if but when it all bursts.


3685 days ago

ECB and Bank of England behind the curve as usual – both are useless

I am not sure which is more hapless and hopeless, the ECB or the Bank of England. It is a close run thing and today’s actions by the pair did nothing to clarify the situation.

The Bank of England announced £50 billion more Quantitative Easing. Ok, so QE has not worked to date so let’s try it again but only a small dose. If you think that QE is the answer to the UK’s ills (and for what it is worth I do not) then force the patient to drink gallons of medicine. The strategy seems to be a big gulp, then another big gulp and because that has not worked another sip or two. This latest QE will be regarded as either: another dollop of the wrong medicine (by sceptics like myself) or too little medicine to make a change and thus a counterproductive confidence destroyer (that is the “believer’s view). Either way this is another day in which the Old lady of Threadneedle Street achieves nothing much.