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287 days ago

I wasn’t going to have the Covid Vaccine but then I heard about Christopher Biggins

The Government is rolling out a list of celebs who are prepared to have the covid vaccine and then urge we plebs to follow suit. Because, as we all know from all those luvvies who lined up to get us to vote for Labour, the Lib Dems and against Brexit, we dirty oiks like nothing better than being lectured by millionaire celebs about why we are stupid and should change our minds.



1690 days ago

I really hate Bill Gates & Microsoft with a fucking passion - 36 hours offline thanks to an upgrade

It is not that he is a smug bastard constantly appearing on our TV screens to say how much money he and his frightful Mrs have given away to support all the good causes favoured by the bien pensants although that is enough to make me want to put him on one of Richard Branson's dodgy rockets along with Saint Bono of tax-dodging and Branson himself on a one way trip to outer space. What really riles me about Gates and Microsoft is how upgrades and updates that I neither want nor need really fuck my life up.


1794 days ago

Feeling Old - My daughter says "no-one listens to them anyway: was Bono really in U2?"

My fifteen year old daughter has arrived and we have had a wide ranging discussion already. I am afraid to say that she is a strong supporter of crooked Hillary Clinton and loathes Donald Trump. Note to myself: change will at once. But worse was to come.


1892 days ago

Nice: Saint Bono & Elton John show that in the face of terror some are more equal than others

Next time Saint Bono or Elton John implores you to help them in fighting to save the planet or make the world a better place for ALL of us remember back to Nice on July 14 2016. For both Sir Elton and Saint Bono were in town although, for reasons you shall see, they are not boasting of how they are among the victims, as you would have expected.


2069 days ago

Global Warming Sitting deep in New York - How will my daughter's godmother spin this inconvenient truth?

My daughter's American godmother happily told me in New York just before New Year that there is no snow in the City any more as a result of global warming. That night it snowed outside our door in Brooklyn. Tomorrow the godmother is set to fly back to JFK from a three week trip to Venice. Sadly for her....


3364 days ago

The Spirit Level – More Toynbee Twaddle

I am urged by a thoroughly delightful reader from Bristol to check out a book published two years ago called The Spirit Level, the central thesis of which is that the greater inequality of wealth within any given society, the greater the chronic health and social problems caused to both rich and poor within that society. And Britain, the book claims, is suffering from this problem badly. Apparently Call Me Dave and Ed Milliband think it is a great book and have said so publicly. I am not sure what Bono thinks but my guess is that he thinks its fab. And Polly Toynbee? The Old harridan cannot get enough of it – she misquotes it liberally to further her own hyprocital and misguided agenda. So using the Toynbee test the book must be a load of twaddle. It is.


3371 days ago

The Bono (prize git) Rule & Foreign Aid

I have noted on this blog on a previous occassion that there is a Polly Toynbee rule. Without exception, any cause or policy that the dreadful Harridan supports is one that any right thinking person would oppose. Toynbee is a great way to check your sanity. Just use google to search out her views on any matter and if you disagree 100% with what the old trout says then you know that you still have your marbles. Irish rock singer Bono is another person happy to express his strong views on all matters of global importance, or that he deems to be of global importance. To be fair to Bono he is not wrong about everything. Just almost everything. Why anyone should listen to the man just becuase he wrote a few great songs a long time ago is not exactly clear to me but he appears to have the ear of those in power. We live in a strange world.

It should be clear by now that I think Bono is a prize git.