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I wasn’t going to have the Covid Vaccine but then I heard about Christopher Biggins

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 9 December 2020

The Government is rolling out a list of celebs who are prepared to have the covid vaccine and then urge we plebs to follow suit. Because, as we all know from all those luvvies who lined up to get us to vote for Labour, the Lib Dems and against Brexit, we dirty oiks like nothing better than being lectured by millionaire celebs about why we are stupid and should change our minds.

As I explained earlier HERE, I am no guinea pig and there are very logical reasons why I should not have the jab.

But then I heard that pantomime Queen Christopher Biggins had been lined up to feature in the Ministry of Truth’s celeb campaign and, of course, I changed my mind at once. After all, what Biggins does not know about virology and mass vaccination programmes is not worth knowing.  Next up, maybe Bungle from Rainbow can put me straight on Brexit?

Among other celebs lined up include the celebrated phone hacker and penny share crook Piers Morgan and Bob “2 fingers to Brexit Supporting fishermen” Geldof. As one wag pointed out, all they need is Bono signed up to complete a Holy Trinity of smug sanctimony and absolutely no one at all will have the jab.

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