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As one sinner, James O’Brien, repenteth the case for not taking the Covid vaccine grows

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 9 December 2020

The pompous, virtue signalling, radio presenter James O’Brien this morning apologised to his listeners on LBC for suggesting that all those questioning the Covid vaccine were swivelled eyed lunatics pushing alt-right crackpot conspiracy theories. Well thank you James, now how about an apology to those of us voting for Brexit? How about you admit we were not all alt-right freaks?  Okay back to Covid.

Yesterday’s reporting of the start of the vaccine process in the UK by the mainstream media was, predictably, one sided. The Ministry of Truth script was followed to the letter with old biddies and nurses lined up to say how lucky they were to be among the first to get the jab and how everyone must follow their lead. Everyone?

Today came a little row back after two of those nurses developed a severe allergic response. Okay said the Ministry of Truth, those who have severe allergy issues with food or medicines should not be vaccinated. But there are other groups who might want to think about this. The first is pregnant mums or those planning to be pregnant within three months as this vaccine has not been tested on folks like you or your foetus yet. So unless you fancy being a guinea pig rather than a patient you might want to think again.  he Ministry of Truth has, to be fair, fessed up on this one.

But what about those of us who have already had Covid? What Big Brother does not want you to know is that the 43,000 person Pfizer trial was done on folks who had NOT had the disease. Since only 2 or 3 folks on earth have had the disease twice the assumption is that it brings you immunity and the Pfizer trial was thus right to exclude such folks in order to establish efficacy among those who are not safe already as they have antibodies.

But there are perhaps 6 or 7 million folks in Britain who have now had the disease (we assume a 99% survival rate and extrapolate up from deaths). And what they are being urged, By Big Brother, is to have the jab when it has explicitly NOT been tested on folks like them. No-one, not Matt Hancock, not SAGE, not the regulators or even Pfizer has any idea how the vaccine will react with those who should have natural immunity already. Yet we plebs who are among the 99%+ of those infected who survive this “appalling plague” are being urged to take it anyway.  And while mums swear their live for Big Brother for bringing this vaccine to Airstrip One first and ask when they can get their kids jabbed, perhaps they should consider that not one person under 16 was on the trial.

We are told by the MSM that the Pfizer trial is complete and thrown up no material safety concerns. Okay two folks on the trial have died. Almost certainly that had nothing to do with the vaccine. Folks do just die. But I’d rather like to know a bit more about this. The big lie is that the trial is not complete at all, it has another 20 months to run, all we have is interim data. And we have no idea at all about the medium to long term side effects, if there are any, as we have no medium or long term data.

As for short term side effects, the Ministry of Truth says some patients experience minor symptoms.  Just for the record here is the actual data from the trial which James O’Brien, Piers Morgan and the BBC will gloss over because the Ministry tells them to. The side effects experienced were:

Fatigue > 60%
Headache >50%
Muscle pain >30%
Joint pain >20%
Fever >10%

And all to have a 94% chance of not catching a disease where survival rates are greater than 99% ( 99.95% if you are under 70) and which c7 million Brits have now survived and are now immune to. Cripes, is it worth it?

I am one of the 7 million who is being asked to take a vaccine which has not once been tested on folks like me who already have antibodies. When I am already safe why should I sign up to be a guinea pig for a product which may affect me badly, which may only last for a few months and which may not stop me spreading it to others  as an asymptomatic carrier?

These are legitimate questions which the mainstream media refuses to ask and refuses to challenge Hancock, SAGE et al about. The more there is no questioning on this matter, let alone sensible answers, the more the ranks of we sceptics will grow. Next thing you know they will be telling folks that if you survive Covid you may in the long term suffer erectile disfunction. Of course there is zero evidence for that claim but the Ministry of Truth needs to get us to take the jab somehow.  Ooops, I now see that claim has already been made. 

You may ask why Hancock, Johnson, Princess Nut Nuts et al are taking a risk with our health by pushing the jab so hard? It is simple. Boris and the Government know that lockdown is destroying the economy and Government finances and also making sod all difference to controlling the plague which almost all victims survive. The Greek experiment, once hailed by the MSM, as proof of lockdown showed what folly we have engaged in.  The only way to escape from this cycle of lockdowns, from this folly, is to use the rollout of vaccines as an excuse to abandon failed policies without admitting that those policies were monumental blunders.

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