883 days ago

How did thrice jabbed Matt Hancock catch covid a second time? Disraeli explains

The former health secretary whose office handed a £26 million PPE contract to Matt’s best chum who owns his local boozer, has despite being thrice jabbed, caught covid for a second time. How come? Disraeli has the answer. Or maybe it was Charles James Fox.


884 days ago

Fake vaccine News from top TV Shipman, Dr Sara Kayat & ITV. Meanwhile Pfizer boss Albert Bourla comes clean on the booster charade

This remarkable claim is, of course, just a lie. Dr Kayat claimed on a national TV show which then tweeted out the lie that 12 days after getting the AstraZeneca jab you are 100% safe from hospitalization and death from covid. Hard data shows this to be patently untrue. Yet where is twitter which takes down thousands of vaccine sceptic tweets for being “misinformation” when this obvious lie is broadcast? When, as someone earning his living analysing numbers and data, I offer hard data on covid, folks such as the mask jihadists of Holt or creepy LinkedIn either say I canot comment as I am not a trained Shipman like Dr Kayat or just censor me. Meanwhile…


1013 days ago

So Boris you idiot – what happened to follow the science? Meanwhile Sweden vs Israel, God vs Man?

For what seems like an eternity, ever more restrictive and ludicrous rules have been imposed on us in an attempt to tackle a plague with a 99.97% survival rate on the basis that we must “follow the science.” Of course that was tommyrot.


1245 days ago

BREAKING: Is this the BBC's worst reporting yet on Covid? People you are being lied to

Like others who have had Covid, I am pretty sure that my vaccination from God is about as good as the one Matt Hancock wants me to take but the Government seems desperate to make us think otherwise and the BBC is acting as its propaganda arm in this aim. Yesterday, it reported – as you can see below – that a new study showed that having Covid could protect folks for at least five months! Putting this 5-month figure in one’s mind is an utter deceipt.



1270 days ago

Who will "vaccinate" more Britons this week: God or Pfizer & Matt Hancock?

I ask you not as an expert virologist, like Piers Morgan or Christopher Biggins, but as one who spends his working days looking at numbers and who has a simple question for the real experts.


1282 days ago

As one sinner, James O’Brien, repenteth the case for not taking the Covid vaccine grows

The pompous, virtue signalling, radio presenter James O’Brien this morning apologised to his listeners on LBC for suggesting that all those questioning the Covid vaccine were swivelled eyed lunatics pushing alt-right crackpot conspiracy theories. Well thank you James, now how about an apology to those of us voting for Brexit? How about you admit we were not all alt-right freaks?  Okay back to Covid.


1311 days ago

Post Pfizer – what is Novacyt worth? Far from zero but it’s a slam dunk sell.

Some of us were always of the view that our leaders were somewhat over-reacting to a disease where the average casualty lived longer than UK life expectancy and where the survival rate is 99.97%. But yesterday Pfizer announced it has a vaccine which will protect 90% of those injected which would mean that your chances of perishing from Covid will pretty soon be less than that of being mown down by a bus carrying a West Ham team that has just won the FA Cup. So where does that leave Covid testing play Novacyt (NCYT)?


1311 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Has Pfizer really got a Covid vaccine that works for 90% of us?

I start with the wonder vaccine. Is it a cure all for companies such as Cineworld (CINE) or Carnival (CCL)? Then I consider Julie Meyer in light of the research I was doing yesterday for the Gewanter case and what it says about the UK’s rotten honours system.  Then I look at Inspirit (INSP), Countrywide (CWD), Amigo (AMGO) and Escape Hunt (ESC) where I stand with Steve not Justin the Clown.


3678 days ago

AstraZeneca Statement does not wash – tell the fat cat board to accept Pfizer bid

The Board of AstraZeneca (AZN) has today rejected an improved £55 a share bid from Pfizer. The yanks say they will not go hostile but urge Astra shareholders to tell the board to get a grip and accept. They should do exactly that.


3693 days ago

AstraZeneca – why Ed Miliband has got it 100% wrong and is being nasty to boot

Ed Miliband wants the Government to step in and at least investigate if not block the proposed purchase of AstraZeneca (AZN) by Pfizer. He is wrong and showing a touch of UKIP style nastiness to boot. 

The leader of the Labour Party reckons that takeovers of big UK firms by foreigners should be checked out to see if they are in the National Interest. He hints that Pfizer have a poor record of cutting jobs post takeovers. To paraphrase: They are foreign and nasty foreigners to boot. If Pfizer buys AstraZeneca jobs of British workers are at risk. It sounds almost like something you might hear from UKIP. It is unpleasant and it is also just plain wrong.