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So Boris you idiot – what happened to follow the science? Meanwhile Sweden vs Israel, God vs Man?

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 4 September 2021

For what seems like an eternity, ever more restrictive and ludicrous rules have been imposed on us in an attempt to tackle a plague with a 99.97% survival rate on the basis that we must “follow the science.” Of course that was tommyrot.

There is manifest evidence, HERE and HERE, showing increased mask usage does not have any effect on stopping or reducing the spread of covid but we are told to mask up anyway to “follow the science”. And the evidence that washing your hands every few minutes stops the spread? Or that only having 30 people at a wedding or 15 at a funeral or six at a funeral made us all safer? There was no science behind this government-generated misery just scientists opining happily even when the data was against them.

And it was not as if these scientists always had a great track record for predictions. In fact, Professor Ferguson, who was the chief scientist until he forgot to practice social distancing with someone else’s wife and is still a senior adviser, has an almost unmatched record of getting his forecast numbers for every other “pandemic” completely wrong. But we must follow the science, or rather the scientists anyway. That is the excuse the political and media classes have given for wrecking so many lives.

Now the scientists tell the Government not to enforce vaccinations on 12-15-year-olds as it would be of marginal benefit. Quite so. Almost no early and mid teens have been killed by this plague. But Boris says he is now not going to follow the science and will order a jab programme next week for the kids diverting resources from booster jabs for old folks whose immunity appears to be waning and who might actually die from this disease. What part of “follow the science” justifies this?

Meanwhile, have the BBC and the mainstream media been commenting much about Sweden and Israel? Thought not. Israel has the world’s most comprehensive vaccine programme. Sweden was the country that opted not to go in for lockdown. Now guess which country on this planet currently has the greatest number of new covid infections and which has almost no cases? Oddly enough it is Israel suffering a biblical plague – where almost nobody dies – and Sweden which is the land of milk and honey and thus, as of next week, Sweden is banning Israelis from visiting it.

Could it be that herd immunity, being vaccinated by God as it were, is a greater protection than that offered by Pfizer or Astra Zeneca? We do not know but it is possible is it not? Perhaps Boris Johnson and the other charlatans around the cabinet table might give their “scientific” take on that?

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