781 days ago

UPDATED: IVF bad, Abortions Good – The illogical moral vacuum of the Scottish Government policy on vaccines, at least Germany has a GSOH

Of course, covid vaccines and boosters are voluntary say our leaders, it is just that we will try to “persuade” and “cajole” you all into having them. First we will start with the grown-ups and then, in Scotland at least, we will be coming for your five year olds.  And of course vaccines work don’t they? Sorry did someone mention Israel?


835 days ago

Gibraltar – the shocking data which must surely make folks question Covid vaccination

Not so long ago having two jabs in the UK made one “fully vaccinated” and able to travel without restriction. But now we are told that having two jabs will not stop you catching or spreading the disease and so that the double jabbed will probably soon have the same status as the unjabbed and face restrictions. Unless we get a booster.  But is there any evidence that a booster will work from anyone who did not say the first two jabs worked? Er…. Meanwhile in Gibraltar…


910 days ago

So Boris you idiot – what happened to follow the science? Meanwhile Sweden vs Israel, God vs Man?

For what seems like an eternity, ever more restrictive and ludicrous rules have been imposed on us in an attempt to tackle a plague with a 99.97% survival rate on the basis that we must “follow the science.” Of course that was tommyrot.


982 days ago

Joshua’s Primary school introduction day cancelled because of Covid – the cowardice of Wrexham Council

Parents had booked days off work, days at nursery were cancelled because this afternoon was meant to be an open day so we could find out more about the Primary school Joshua will start attending after the teachers have another day off from teaching in September, after six weeks away from the blackboard. But then, with just 48 hours notice, it was cancelled on orders from the local council to combat a surge in Covid cases in the area. Such cowardice and nonsense.


1077 days ago

Maybe it is being able to get a covid jab here in the UK that sees Andrew Adonis suffering from long #BrexitDerangementSyndrome - pray for Adonis

Lord Andrew Adonis caught #BrexitDerangementSyndrome on June 23 2016 and the poor man is still suffering with a sort of long #BrexitDerangementSyndrome. As Europe’s covid vaccination farce goes from bad to worse, only the truly crazed can think the UK would be better off rejoining. But Adonis reckons that the case for rejoining is in fact getting stronger by the day. Adonis is ill. Pray for Andrew Adonis.



1099 days ago

Getting the Pfizer jab – the experience was truly impressive

I have had Covid so everything tells me that I am already as immune as someone who has had the jab. I believe that jabbing me is therefore utterly pointless. But I can see that if I want to make it to Greece this summer, I will almost certainly need a Covid passport so on that basis I jumped at the chance to get the jab. The NHS showed its usual efficiency by contacting me five times by mail, text (twice) and email about the whole matter.


1111 days ago

The NHS & Telegraph think the covid vaccination programme is racist as they cannot do basic data analysis

Just wait until the professional fake news driven race baiters at the BBC, Channel 4 News and David Lammy MP get hold of this! The NHS has published data showing that almost 20% of white folks have been vaccinated the percentage of other ethnic groups is far lower. Oh no, call out the Witchfinder General of the racism industry, Mr Lammy, so that he can sniff another monstrous crime.  Of course there is a rational explanation for this which is backed up with hard data but who cares about that? This is 2021 so we must generate some more grievances and talk of inequality.


1181 days ago

We're all criminals! A song for 2020 by Right Said Fred

Yup that Right Said Fred. I’m too sexy from 1991. I kid you not. The Freds are still going and in this era of masks, lockdown and “strongly encouraged” vaccination, they have emerged as spokesmen for freedom. I’m not sure what their politics are but, as a libertarian, I’m struggling to disagree with their active tweeting @TheFreds at this moment in time.  With apologies to Dominic Frisby, the song below released last week must be the theme track for 2020.