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How can the lazy and overpaid teachers justify INSET days?

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 23 June 2021

My son Joshua was due to start his primary school on September 1 but, I discovered today, that on that working day his parents will both have to take half a day off because, as happens 5 times a year, the school is shut for an INSET day, a staff training occasion. Joshua now starts on the 2nd.

That means that teachers who have just finished a six week break will have an additional day of non teaching. Over the course of the year, teachers enjoy 14 weeks of holiday. Most folks in the workplace enjoy 4 or 5 weeks. Many of us do actually work at weekends as well. Being a teacher is not exactly the most stressful job on this planet: so do they really need 14 weeks of holiday a year?

What would be wrong with the teachers doing an INSET day on the first and last days of the summer break and in each of the three midterm breaks, as half-terms are called these days?  That would still leave these very well-paid folks with 13 weeks leave per annum.

That INSET days happen in term time is unjustifiable. It is laziness on the part of the pampered teachers and a childcare headache for parents. If only we had a Tory Government which was prepared to take on the Teachers’ Unions and local councils and force a change here which would be welcomed by parents across this land. Sadly the regime of lyin’ Boris and Carrie Antoinette would not dare ruffle public sector feathers with such an obviously sensible move.

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