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The Teachers are truly lazy bastards who make the greedy Junior Doctors seem almost selfless

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 28 March 2016

The Easter holiday teacher union conferences are always good for a laugh as the idle bastards compete to see who can make the most preposterous claim. It is always a tough contest as, even when compared to the greedy junior doctors, this is a profession where almost everyone seems to be completely deluded.

An early entrant for the mad prize came with a suggestion that teachers should mark pupil's work in pink rather than red as it set out a more sympathetic message to those students who were less able. Frankly why bother marking course work at all just give all the little darlings straight A*s at GCSE and as long as they have learned that Hitler was the most evil man ever who cares?

Having spent useful time discussing what colour crayons the profession should use the teachers moved on to the main issue: How over-worked and stressed they all are.
The starting salary for teachers ( assume they start work at 23) is £22,244 or in London £27,819. Thereafter it gets better and better with qualified teachers outside London earning £32,000- £58,000 and head teachers earning up to £107,000 outside London. As you can see teachers earn well above national averages after three years at University and 1 year doing a teaching course. But the real bonus of being a teacher is the holidays.

According to the Department of Education a teacher only needs to pitch up to work 195 days a year. I am not sure that is accurate. Checking on the school hols website I found 15 weeks of holidays planned for the current year so, by my sums (Maths O Level grade A), that means 37 weeks times five days at school. And that is 185 days in a year ( of which five days are Inset days so there is no teaching). In short teachers have to spend just over one day in two at work and just under one day in two actually teaching, and the rest of time they are at home. And it is not as if their working day is exactly the longest on this planet is it?

But apprently teachers are getting stressed earning well above average wages for working not the longest hours on this planet just over one day in two. And so they want to do less marking, less work and feel that if their demands are not met they may even have to go on strike so great is their grievance.

Most of us in the private sector earn less than teachers and work longer hours with a fraction of the holiday leave of these idle bastards. It is our taxes who pay their wages and their god damn pensions. It is our working days who are fucked up when the lazy bastards go on strike and yet - like the junior doctors - teachers ask us to view them as latter day saints who make enormous financial sacrifices in order to do a job that makes the world a better place.

It is no suprise that such fools regard Comrade Jeremy Corbyn as their Messiah and gave the beared old Marxist a standing ovation for droning on about the Money tree and the exploitation of poor teachers by the wicked Tories. The same audience naturally booed and hissed at the poor Tory who had to ensure the pointless annual ritual of having to give a speech to folks who were never going to listen or let facts get in the way of dogma.

Idle and overpaid bastards of the world unite you have nothing to lose but your chains

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