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UPDATED: IVF bad, Abortions Good – The illogical moral vacuum of the Scottish Government policy on vaccines, at least Germany has a GSOH

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 10 January 2022

Of course, covid vaccines and boosters are voluntary say our leaders, it is just that we will try to “persuade” and “cajole” you all into having them. First we will start with the grown-ups and then, in Scotland at least, we will be coming for your five year olds.  And of course vaccines work don’t they? Sorry did someone mention Israel?

Israel is one of the the most heavily vaccinated place on earth. As of now it Israel has administered at least 16,936,490 doses of COVID vaccines. Assuming every person needs 2 doses, that’s enough to have vaccinated about 93.5% of the country’s population. Oddly the UK is one of the very few places on earth to be more vaccinated but only just.

So how is Israel doing in terms of covid cases? Er not so good. Yesterday there were 17,325 new cases which works out at 1,898 per million. The United Kingdom, is again one of the few countries to beat Israel with just over 2000 cases per million as of yesterday.  So why is it that the two countries with the most jabs administered seem to be the ones with the most new cases?

UPDATE Today Israel is at 21,514 cases which puts it at 2,334 cases per million which is well ahead of the UK and,it seems, the place on earth where covid is spreading most rapidly. 

I do not claim to know the answer but then unlike Sir Chris Whitty I am not an expert, albeit one who should be in jail for murder for the excess deaths caused by the policies he drove through. And I am not forcing or encouraging folks to get jabbed. In Scotalnd that coercion is well underway. As of today, folks seeking to bring life into the world in Scotl;and via IVF were not allowed to get treatment unless they had been jabbed. That, according to the Scottish Government is to stop the spread to Scottish healthcare workers who, one assumes, are largely vaccinated.

On the other hand if you want to stop life coming into the world by having an abortion there is no need to be jabbed.  There are fewer impediments to killing rather than giving life. The rules, according to the Sandyford clinic in Glasgow, but applied across the land, are

Physical distancing remains in place at health care settings across Scotland even though COVID-19 restrictions are lifted elsewhere. Therefore restricted services are still in place including appointment only clinics, to continue to protect the public and staff. Our services are set up for social distancing with one way signs, plastic screens where appropriate and our staff will be wearing masks. You are also asked to wear a face covering when you attend.”

They you have it. If you want to kill a life you protect the “healthcare” staff by wearing a mask. If you want to create a life you must get jabbed. That is even though jabs, like masks, appear to have no impact on stopping the spread of the disease.

Logical? No. Morally bankrupt? You bet.

At least, on this matter, the Germans showed the sense of humour for which their nation is rightly renowned. In November last year, the German Euthanasia Association announced that only those who were fully vaccinated would be allowed to come in to be suicided on its premises.

Hat tip: Dr John Stanley.

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