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Getting the Pfizer jab – the experience was truly impressive

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 26 February 2021

I have had Covid so everything tells me that I am already as immune as someone who has had the jab. I believe that jabbing me is therefore utterly pointless. But I can see that if I want to make it to Greece this summer, I will almost certainly need a Covid passport so on that basis I jumped at the chance to get the jab. The NHS showed its usual efficiency by contacting me five times by mail, text (twice) and email about the whole matter.

But I was booked in and the Mrs and I drove the 20 minutes to a local wedding venue, over the border near Chester, which is now a jabbing centre. She came in case I collapsed and needed help getting home. We got there with a minute to spare and were marshalled into a precise spot in a car park. Then in groups of three, “jabbees” were asked out of their cars and into the building.

I was expecting it to be largely old crumblies with a few fatties with diabetes, like myself, but instead it was a mixed bag of those deemed vulnerable who were in attendance. In front of me was quite a fit bird who cannot have been more than in her mid twenties and a young man who looked barely old enough to drive. Most folks there were, however, a bit older than me. Or at least they looked that way.

It was incredibly professional, efficient and impressive. After a few minutes it was my turn to go into a room where there were six tables and I found myself on table 4. I answered a few questions, rolled up my sleeve and was jabbed, my mask stopping my grimace from showing. I am not a needles sort of person. I now have a little card showing I have had one jab and was given a form listing all the possible side effects.

I wandered into another room where we jabbees sat for 15 minutes in chairs set out in a socially distanced manner, to check that there were no disastrous side effects. There were not. I walked out and drove us all home by four. By seven O’clock I felt a bit nauseous, a bit cold and a bit tired so went to bed. The Mrs suggested that I might have been over-egging it as men do. She can be a harsh woman. But now? I feel fine.

I do not think that my contempt for many of the Government’s lockdown policies here in Wales or among the infidels over in England has been a secret. But, assuming that there are no long term side effects we do not know about, the vaccination programme has been incredibly impressive. On this matter at least you just have to give credit to our leaders and to the NHS, envy of the world, don’t mention Dr Shipman.  The efficiency on display yesterday was just incredible.

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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