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Anti-vaxxer takes over from alt right as the lazy smear of choice used to shut down debate and censure in Airstrip One

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 4 December 2020

“So you are an anti-vaxxer” she said to me as I dared to offer a modest dissent from the party line.  The Ministry of Truth, aka The BBC and the social media companies, are leading the charge to eradicate social media posts by wicked anti-vaxxers lest they confuse the plebs. There is even talk of specialist army units being brought in to fight this menace. In the way that, this summer, anyone who did not apologise for historic slave activities by taking a knee was deemed to be alt-right extremist who needed re-education, anti vaxxers must now be insulted and, once suitably demonised in the eyes of the population, purged.

I am, of course, not an anti-vaxxer. Just as anyone to the right of Keir Starmer is not automatically an alt-right freak. But, whatever the Ministry of Truth tells me to believe, I am nervous of taking a covid jab, although each year I do have a flu jab and for daring to say that folks, suitably re-educated by the Ministry, now react with horror.

The big alarm for me is that this vaccine may have long term side effects. We just do not know. Every day, the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 “fake” news broadcast interviews with “experts” insisting that it is safe but they do not know either. For there have been no long term tests. These vaccines only went into human trials a few months ago. The honest answer is that no-one can tell whether there are long term side effects. 

Obviously, as with manmade global warming, there are no dissenting “experts” because all those chosen to appear on broadcast media have been peer-reviewed by the Ministry of Truth beforehand. Whisper it quietly, lest you too be dragged off to Room 101, but there are actually dissenting experts.

As a 53 year old, albeit with type 2 diabetes, my chances of surviving Covid are 99.98%. And, as it happens, it appears that I have had Covid, survived and so now have antibodies anyway.  So why would I want to take the risk of a jab which, whatever Boris Johnson says, is not tested in the sense of seeing if there are long term side effects? My preference is that we assemble a large group of guinea pigs including all teachers, university lecturers – bar the Mrs, natch -, BBC employees, social workers, MPs – especially the one in Wrexham who can have double jabs – plus anyone who wants the jab and they can take it. Let’s add to that list of guinea pigs anyone who bangs on about how they should not be referred to as he or she but as they plus all Guardian readers, bar the Mrs natch. I will happily wait a few years and see what happens.

Does that make me an anti-vaxxer? I think not. I would regard my position as logical.

The Government has said that jabs will not be mandatory. But some ministers have suggested that only those who comply with the Ministry of Non Sickness will be allowed to enter a pub, cinema, place of work or aeroplane. There is talk of issuing licenses for those who have been jabbed so that they can display that they are “safe”. It is the yellow star principle in reverse.

Of course the experts admit that even with the jab you may not be “safe” as in 10% of cases you will catch Covid anyway. And, while for the other 90%, it should stop you getting ill with Covid but, at present, the ”experts” including Piers Morgan do not know whether you can still spread it to others. Nor do they know how long having the jab protects you for. 

But Boris says it has been fully tested and if you tweet that this is patent bollocks then your tweet needs to be removed since you may confuse the plebs.

To me there seem to be very real grounds indeed for asking questions and for opting not to take the early Covid vaccines at this stage. But such dissent is not allowed in the Airstrip One province run by Big Brother, aka Princess Nut Nuts. If you question Big Brother at all you are an anti-vaxxer. You are dangerous. Your words should be censored. It is like being alt-right used to be when we were at war with Eurasia, although we have never been at war with Eurasia.

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