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181 days ago

Letter to AIM Regulation – Bidstack deliberately deceives investors, action needed ahead of rescue placing

I have just written to AIM Regulation as Bidstack (BIDS) , lead by Lyin’ James Draper, has today grossly deceived and mislead investors as to the collapse in trading.  The company has breached AIM Rules 10 and 11 and it, and its Nomad Stifel, need a public censure. The letter follows:


844 days ago

Anti-vaxxer takes over from alt right as the lazy smear of choice used to shut down debate and censure in Airstrip One

“So you are an anti-vaxxer” she said to me as I dared to offer a modest dissent from the party line.  The Ministry of Truth, aka The BBC and the social media companies, are leading the charge to eradicate social media posts by wicked anti-vaxxers lest they confuse the plebs. There is even talk of specialist army units being brought in to fight this menace. In the way that, this summer, anyone who did not apologise for historic slave activities by taking a knee was deemed to be alt-right extremist who needed re-education, anti vaxxers must now be insulted and, once suitably demonised in the eyes of the population, purged.