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Who will "vaccinate" more Britons this week: God or Pfizer & Matt Hancock?

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 21 December 2020

I ask you not as an expert virologist, like Piers Morgan or Christopher Biggins, but as one who spends his working days looking at numbers and who has a simple question for the real experts.

Over the past seven days, the Government has told us that half a million Brits have been vaccinated against Covid although I caveat that with the fact that no-one with an IQ greater than that of a dung beetle believes a word Matt Hancock or Boris Johnson says these days. This week, with Christmas and all that brings, maybe the number will be a good bit lower.

Meanwhile, we are told by the ONS that the number of folks with Covid in Britain in the week up to 12 December was 567,300. However, with infections going through the roof according to Boris et al, how many folks will catch Covid this week?  The Government says that there were 36,000 new cases just yesterday but that is cases where a positive test was returned. We know that the vast majority of Covid patients are asymptomatic and not tested.

The survival rate for Covid now appears to be well over 99% and if one catches it you get antibodies which mean that for a certain time you will not get it again. In other words, God is vaccinating more than 198 in 200 folks who get Covid and among the under 70s he vaccinates 997 out of 1000 and among the under 70s with no underlying health conditions he vaccinates c9,999 out of every 10,000 who catch the virus.

Now, before some mask wearing lockdown Nazi says that antibodies may only last for a certain time which is why three people out of the 75 million who have caught Covid have caught it twice, we also have no idea at all how long the vaccines will last.

So without me offering an answer to my question as I defer to the wisdom of expert like Mr Biggins, might it not be possible that, this week, God vaccinates more Brits than do Matt Hancock and Pfizer. The aim of the programme, to give 20 million of us jabs of a vaccine which is only five months into its three-year efficacy and safety trials, is to create some sort of herd immunity.

Assuming even only a 99% survival rate and assuming that there really have been c65,000 Covid deaths in Britain, then already c6.5 million Brits have been vaccinated by God. And as that number rises sharply, is it not possible that God is, as things stand, doing an awful lot more to create a safer Britain than is Mr Hancock.

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