24 days ago

How Different Warwick School is these days – but what on earth is the CPS doing with regard to paedophile ex-teachers?

Events in Edinburgh this week highlighted by Nicky Campbell, bring my mind back to historic abuse at my old school Warwick. The bastard who physically abused me, Geoffrey Eve, got a one way ticket to hell last year. But my long and, ultimately successful, campaign to get Warwick to name Eve and apologise lead to my involvement in exposing Warwick’s paedophile teachers.  I have already named one, the music master Charles Watmough.


3293 days ago

Kiddy Fiddler Greville Janner – another establishment cover up

Nonce Lord and ex-Labour MP Greville Janner is a paedophile who raped young boys. He now claims to be suffering from Alzheimer’s but was still able to remember to collect his expenses. And the CPS has today said that because of his health he will not be prosecuted. Where do you start?

Janner wanted to prosecute Nazi war criminals who had Alzheimer’s. He said that the nature of their crimes meant they had to be prosecuted. I reckon that raping young boys is pretty vile don’t you?

Once again we are left with the idea that the establishment looks after its own. If you or I steal from our employer by fiddling expenses we are fired. MPs just pay a bit back and carry on. It is one rule for “them” and one for us.

Janner should have been prosecuted. He should lose his peerage and he should live out his days shamed, disgraced and in prison. End of. This is clear cut.


3346 days ago

The Worthington fraud part 14 – CPS, Shola Adeniran and Jerome

Entrepreneur Shola Adeniran appears twice in the sad tale of Worthington (WRN) and he has hitherto been painted as one of the villains. Au contraire. As I shall demonstrate. His tale is a warning of the read fraud at the heart of this company.

Shola first crops up as being nominated by Aiden Earley and James Holmes (neither Worthington official directors) to become a trustee of the Jerome Pension fund on 22 November. He was slammed by the pensions regulator as we revealed HERE at a meeting shortly afterwards, not least for not bothering to attend. However what I now have clear evidence of is that he only failed to attend because Worthington told him NOT to attend.

Moreover he declined to take the £5,000 a month offered to be a patsy Trustee and having seen the minutes of that hearing and became aware of what was happening he resigned as a Trustee within weeks of being appointed. I have seen correspondence received by the Pensions regulator where these concerns are voiced.

Despite this