2212 days ago

The England hating misery of being a Guardian writer - Dawn Foster backs Sweden

Maybe if you write for the Guardian you don't despise England in a fashionable North London sort of way you just hate folks being happy. After all this is the newspaper that, year in year out, laments the arrival of Christmas. But now it is the World Cup and the progress of England which as seen a nation party and show joy in a way we have not seen for years. 


4190 days ago

Exclusive & Explosive Video Interview with Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources

Andrew Bell and his Red Rock Resources (LSE:RRR) mining investment company have admirers and detractors. We all do. I met up with him last week to discuss various points about Red Rock. I covered both operational matters and also allegations put to me in email and on posted on Bulletin Boards. To date the company has not responded with its side of the story but Bell has gone on the record in this webcast to deal with the allegations made and the motivation of some of his critics. This is pretty explosive stuff.

As to Red Rock’s shares and are they cheap? It strikes me that Jupiter Mines in Oz is a pretty cheap stock and plausibly Red Rick could soon trade at a discount to the value of its Jupiter shares. If Greenland is sold and Colombia is – as Bell indicates in the interview – cash generative then Red Rock would have trading appeal. I realise there are three IFs in there but I think you can see how a bull case could be made.

On the Agenda

1. Jupiter
2. Colombia
3. Greenland
4. Kenya
5. Allegations made against Red Rock & Bell by Mr Gary Carp and associates.