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Doug Casey

44 days ago

Video: Mining Stocks Will Become Epic Bubble

Libertarian philosopher, speculator, and author Doug Casey kicks off by suggesting paying for a University education is a misallocation of time and money to have your head pumped full of Marxist ideas.


247 days ago

Video: Protect yourself with bitcoin and gold as shares and bonds set to tank

Libertarian speculator and author Doug Casey says it’s difficult today to be an investor with all the government economic distortion and mis-allocation of capital. However, in contrast a speculator can do well in this environment. He says, “Being a speculator should not be confused with being a trader.”


724 days ago

Podcast: Gold is Going Higher, We are in Another Bull Market

Libertarian author Doug Casey ikes to look for the general market trend and remains not only a gold bug but today a gold bull. He feels there is a lot of upsides since all of the currencies of the world are just floating abstractions issued by bankrupt governments for political purposes.


1138 days ago

Podcast: Doug Casey - uranium may be my favourite commodity right now

Buy shares in Berkeley Energia (BKY)!  Okay that is what I think, you want to hear from veteran investor and libertarian thinker Doug Casey.


1411 days ago

Bitcoin is Going to Drive Gold & Silver to All Time Highs

I still really do not understant bitcoin but it seems to grip fellow libertarians like Dominic Frisby and, in this case, resource guru Doug Casey. In this Palisade Capital podcast, Doug discusses the commodity markets and why the most important thing is what they do cyclically. Most commodities are down 50% since 2011 and the dollar has lost 20%. Commodities remain quite cheap, particularly gold, silver, and copper. He discusses Junior miners and why now is a good time to get into these markets.


1627 days ago

You Have To Like Trump – My Bank Account Certainly Does

Libertarian investor Doug Casey (like myself) predicted that Donald Trump would win. He expects the administration to encourage resource development and reduce regulation, but says Trump lacks an understanding of basic economics. You have to like Trump, since the creatures of the swamp in Washington D.C. seem to hate him so viscerally. However, he may continue the foreign policies of his predecessors. Doug, like me, thinks a stock market sell off is still likely considering the many distortions and misallocations in capital that exist. He is concerned that Trump could be the next Herbert Hoover, and that he may be painted incorrectly as a free market guy.


1740 days ago

Only 5-10% of mining companies have anything in the ground but you can buy 100 baggers from here - Doug Casey

He has just published a novel,  “Speculator- High Ground”,  which he is plugging hard but mining guru Doug Casey also has a few things to say about the mining sector which may surprise you. Notwithstanding the fact that up to 95% of mining companies have nothing to mine, Doug is mega bullish.