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256 days ago

Have you been screwed by Dragon Sarah Willingham today?

If you have invested in the IPO of her Nightcap (NGHT) company on AIM I suggest that you have been. This company could go bust by the summer and should never have been allowed on the Casino. What on earth have Nomad Allenby and AIM Regulation been smoking?


867 days ago

Photo Article update from the Welsh Hovel - a sight to delight daughter Olaf

I came home to the Welsh Hovel late last night to see cat Quincey sitting outside in the yard. In my absence the Mrs had, for a second time, let him escape his new home. after driving almost 400 miles in a day I let rip with a few choice words and then wasted an hour of my life coaxing the wretched cat back inside where I pounced and recaptured him. He has just rewarded me with another shit on the kitchen floor.


2448 days ago

The Dragon: a boring film about short men who used to be miners but with no real jobs now just drink and fight

Yes I saw this film last night. It was long and boring and you might think that it was a documentary about life today in South Wales. It was of course part 3 of the Hobbit. I loved the book as a kid but the film sucks.

It is ching, ching, ring every last penny out of the franchise. The Hobbit could have been made as a one or plausibly two part tale. Three parts is all about the money. I am just maxed out on Middle Earth battles where the good guys are outnumbered, start heroically but then face defeat, then launch a fight back, then face defeat and they are finally saved by a last minute intervention. That is the way of all Middle Earth battles in this six film franchise.

I still fancy far too many elfish women for my own good but this is a film to dodge.